Jenelle Evans: I Have a Perfect Face, Unlike That Goblin Chelsea Houska!

Want to hear strange and embarrassing stories about Jenelle Evans and all her hygiene?

If so, boy, do you have a treat for you today?

Well, you know where Genel does that often She tries to get involved in a feud with Chelsea Fuska, Chelsea never admits it, and the feud exists only in her own mind?

A good example of this is a website drama. A few years ago, Genel created his own site, and a month or two later Chelsea also created his own site.

Instead of realizing that having a website is literally quite normal for everyone, especially for the public, Genel decides to make it look like Chelsea is copying her.

Recently, Genel shared the Chelsea meme. Chelsea used a conversation with his father a few years ago that he wanted a happy ending during a dire time with Adam Lind.

The meme shows a screenshot of the tears scene and a photo of Chelsea with a lovely happy family. It’s very sweet, but of course. Genel was saying negative things about it.

“Yeah, it’s a shame that some people try to behave in a way that makes their life perfect, makes them familiar, and scares them to lower their pride in order to acknowledge their shortcomings,” she wrote. ..

“Some girls behave as if they were Stepford’s wife, and yes, I have a grudge and always let them know.”

Yeah, obviously.

She’s been doing it a lot over the years, with a strange hint that Chelsea’s life has a deep dark secret that only she knows, but that doesn’t make sense. She and Chelsea were never closeAnd certainly it wasn’t in my recent memory.

But in reality, while it is clear that no one is living a perfect life, Genel is living a very troublesome life. The juxtaposition with Chelsea’s perfectly curated Instagram feed is too much for her to take.

And that’s why she made this really insane comment on TikTok.

You may know The Grace Report, a popular teen mom commentator on YouTube. She also has TikTok and made a funny little video about Jenelle and Chelsea.

In the video, Grace showed TikTok’s tendency to compare two people using audio clips from the movie Borat. This is from a scene where Borat talks about his neighbor and complains about how he does the same every time he does something. ..

She used a photo of Matching heart tattoo The original TeenMom 2 cast got headlines during the reunion taping and showed headlines from when General revealed that Chelsea, Lear and Kairin all had tattoos together, but she later did herself. went.

She also used a photo of the Chelsea poultry union, and then a photo of the poultry union obtained by Genel.

Borat’s clip ends with Borat getting a watched radio, but his neighbor couldn’t afford it, and he called it a great success, so for Chelsea and Genel, Grace Use Chelsea photos with kids, followed by headings about Genel loses custody of her children 2019 after David killed his dog.

Of course, the joke is that Genel tried to do some of the same things as Chelsea, but Chelsea was ultimately more successful.

It was all fun and a game, but guess who appeared in the comments!

Yeah, Genel found the video, and she chose to answer it, “You forgot to include me having a perfect face in the golden ratio, not a $ 3 million proceeding.”

Take all the time needed to understand exactly how strange that comment is …


why Earth Do you think it’s a good idea to say one of them? !!

The golden ratio is a mathematical term often used to talk about beauty if you are not familiar with it-the idea is that a beautiful person has this particular ratio in face ratio, and Obviously Genel has this.

But in fact saying “I have a perfect face” in any context is unthinkable, especially as it clearly means here that Chelsea does not have a perfect face. It’s a ducky move.

So this is essentially saying that Genel is cleaner than Chelsea. Chelsea is very rude.

The $ 3 million proceedings refer to the fact that Chelsea and Cole were sued earlier this year for breach of contract by a consulting firm they worked with.

But that’s not a good thing, but it doesn’t mean that Genel has never been involved in a proceeding on his own.

In fact, she is currently in a custody proceeding. She is still trying to get Jace back Twelve years after she signed him to her mother, she didn’t quit the party long enough to take care of her child.

But congratulations on that perfect face, girl.

Grace himself responded in a similar way, saying, “You are not ignoring losing custody of your child to brag about your golden ratio.”

“I can’t afford it,” Genel wrote back, citing Borat’s clip.

The person with the username “Marlboro Smoker 01” also brought up the fact that while Chelsea had a successful business, Genel’s cosmetics company failed quite miserably.

“Look at your username,” she replied. “It’s pathetic. I feel very sick of you.”

It’s true that she no longer smokes, but she smoked a few years ago-even when she was pregnant with Kaiser.

And even after she quit, she continued to smoke the weeds that occur when she was pregnant with Ensley. Poor Ensley failed drug test at birth..

Well, again, it’s not really the flex she thinks.

Is she going to avoid this?

Jenelle Evans: I Have a Perfect Face, Unlike That Goblin Chelsea Houska! Source link Jenelle Evans: I Have a Perfect Face, Unlike That Goblin Chelsea Houska!

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