Jenelle Evans: I Feel Like I’m Gonna Die and No One Cares!

Jenelle Evans has been struggling with mystical health problems for years.

Do you remember the story of Teen Mom 2 where she went to several different doctors who had a long list of symptoms like “I see molecules” and “I feel like I have spider senses”?

It’s a wonder he’s managed to survive all this time.

At the time, he ended up in “The Doctors,” where he was told that his problems were due to a new birth control pill he had starteddetoxification from marijuana and anxiety.

After that, a few problems appeared … his esophageal problemsfor example.

But last year, another mystery disease began to raise its ugly head, and since then we’ve heard it in painful detail.

In the last few months, he has claimed so she has tumors in the spinethat some days he can’t even get out of bed and that he may be paralyzed soon.

He thinks he has a rare malformation in his brain or possibly ALS.

She has gone to the doctor because of a mild heat rash, among other things, after spending all day in the sun after drinking. That is exactly what we are talking about here.

Most people believe he is dramatic about all this – or “dramatic,” as he would say – and while it’s absolutely plausible that he’s not feeling very well about the time, it’s not as easy to believe he’s as sick as he suggests.

But this week, after all the expert visits and tears shed over social media, Jenelle announced that she had finally been diagnosed:

She has fibromyalgiaa disease that causes chronic pain.

In an interview with this diagnosis, he said, “Living every day is challenging because I have little energy to do my job and go to bed early because of headaches or body aches.”

On the plus side, he said getting those answers has helped because “I now know why my body works the way it works, and that explains a lot.”

But just a few hours later, he changed his tone quite drastically in some of his posts on Instagram.

“I’m still so sad,” Jenelle wrote in a text message about her story. “Even though I have a diagnosis … it still doesn’t explain my neck cracking, double vision and sore throat.”

“I feel so hopeless. There’s something wrong with my neck and it’s very tight 24/7.”

And the mystery continues.

“I’m so depressed,” he added. “No one will ever help me until my neck breaks.”

He would think that after all the doctors he has seen over the past year, he would be happy to finally get a diagnosis, but it seems he is still not convinced.

After this small blow, he asked his followers to share his FeNO score, which is the score someone gets after a test to check for airway inflammation.

He revealed that his score was 6, which he said was “very low”.

We are by no means doctors, but the quick Google says that the average score for adults is less than 25 and that if someone gets a higher score than that, it means more tests are needed to find out the inflammation – so wouldn’t 6 be a good score?

It seems that a lot of people told him the same thing because he also sent a message that read “For those who message me and ask about the” normal range, “the average FeNO score is 25, mine is 6.”

“Now I have a blood test and a deep breath test again.”

Again, all we see is that the normal range is less than 25, not that the average is 25. We’re not sure if Jenelle forgot the trick greater than / less than symbols or what, but it makes the most sense.

He said he was told to get a spirometer and keep a diary of his results with his doctor and that he also got an inhaler and a new medicine for those irritating esophageal spasms.

He also continues to hold on to the possibility of that diagnosis of ALS – someone told him that that horrible disease could be misdiagnosed as fibromyalgia, and he replied, “Yeah … I hope that’s not what I have … I’m still testing other goods. “

So if you’re upset that Jenelle would give up her endless health crisis after getting diagnosed, you’re in luck!

Because it sounds like he will never stop this, no matter what, never.

Jenelle Evans: I Feel Like I’m Gonna Die and No One Cares! Source link Jenelle Evans: I Feel Like I’m Gonna Die and No One Cares!

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