Jenelle Evans Addresses Allegations of Alcoholism: I’ll Drink as Much as I Want!

There are countless reasons to dislike Jenelle Evans, and they make the legitimate scope trivial.

Does anyone have problems with Genel’s prejudice and the many allegations of child and animal cruelty that have been directed at her over the years?

Yes, they are on the “legit” side of the spectrum.

Who makes fun of Genel?

Well, they went far beyond the “little” and entered the realm of “bending to her level”.

There is never a reason to bully someone about their appearance, even if it seems okay for that person to bully others.

Somewhere between these two extremes, there are concerns about the alleged alcoholism of Genel. Normally, we say that if you aren’t personally affected by someone’s substance consumption, you probably shouldn’t worry about it.

But it wasn’t that long ago Genel had the children taken away As a result of her failure to provide them with a safe and stable environment.

She told the judge Her children are afraid of David Eason, So she probably needs to stay relatively calm to monitor the situation.

and, General health problemsFrom esophageal cramps to back and neck problems, she’s so terrible that she can’t get out of bed for a few days (or she claims).

Her problems can be caused or at least exacerbated by heavy alcohol consumption, so it’s not hard to understand why fans are concerned.

And just this week, Genel admitted that her throat problem was at least partly the result of her hardselzer consumption.

We’ll talk more about this later.

Well, it’s not hard to understand why drinking of Genel is so often mentioned in comments. With the approval of a doctor, it’s easy to assure fans that she’s drinking in a modest and responsible way.

Instead, she made a video that basically confirmed what the critics were saying all the time.

Jenelle rarely creates original content. Instead, just say the words to someone else’s original voice.

“When it comes to drinks, I have it,” Evans lip-syncs with her latest clip, in case there’s no doubt she mentions her love for the famous liquor. I proudly lifted the beer.

Well, what Genel posts isn’t really interesting, but I understand what she was trying to do here.

She was trying to shrug alcoholism with wine mom style jokes, but when you have a long history of addiction, they don’t really work, and you have your drinking Freely admit that soon Caused physical harm to you.

“In the middle of the stuttering, I really thought it would be a white nail,” commented one user, citing the fact that Evans was sipping the corona.

“Yeah … I can’t drink anymore. I’m messing up my esophagus,” Evans replied.

Not surprisingly, the Reddit people spent Field Day with that day.

“Every time you suffocate with sweetened alcohol, it’s not an” appetizing (sp) cramp. ” Maybe you’re just drinking too much. trust me. According to Heavy, one wrote.

“She has an acid reflex / heartburn and feels like she keeps calling her esophageal cramps,” another person added.

“You might have noticed this before drinking 24/7, like shit Sherlock,” the third chime.

All this happens in new rumors that Gene has broken, caused by a post that Gene has complained about her bad credit.

“Genel was making six numbers. I’m surprised how he made so much money and still had bad credit,” said one.

The valid word there is “was”.

Both Jenelle and David made six people in the easiest job in the world, but MTV wisely fired both a few years ago.

Nowadays, the only thing that stands between Gene and poverty is the follow-up on social media, where she’s always at war.

Not pretending to know the cause of all Genel problems, but she definitely wants to make some changes as soon as possible.

Jenelle Evans Addresses Allegations of Alcoholism: I’ll Drink as Much as I Want! Source link Jenelle Evans Addresses Allegations of Alcoholism: I’ll Drink as Much as I Want!

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