Jemima Kirke Talks Daytime Sex, Polyamory, and Putting Out on the First Date

What is the dating rule that you think is BS?

The idea that you can “turn off” or sleep with someone too early is a myth. I think it can happen at any time. I don’t think it will ever create or break a relationship if you have fun on your first date. I have always enjoyed my first dates! I mean, if you don’t get anything out of it, you might as well get it something out of it.

I really don’t think you need to go everywhere together. One of my pet silks is when people suddenly become a unit – you invite one person and they assume you called both because they’re married or together. I have had the experience that people just showed up with my spouse, which I didn’t invite. It annoys me. I also think taking up space, even weeks, months can be great. My experience of socializing with a musician is that getting space really kept the romance alive.

What is the strangest thing you do when you are alone?

I have a lot of small tchotchks and I arrange them into arrangements that appeal to myself, like a small setup. The other thing I’ve been a fan of lately is just sitting down. Than just sitting. Does not move. I just let my whole being rest. Some call it meditation. I do nothing so intentional. I’m just sitting there. If someone walked in, they would think I was catatonic.

What is your hangover treatment?

Lots of carbohydrates, sugars – things that make you feel worse, but they feel good at the moment. And no appointments that day would be ideal.

What is your favorite sex scene on screen?

There are a few. God, let me think. I would usually get a hell of a good answer to that. There’s one Panic in Needle Park Kitty with Winn and Al Pacino and the whole thing happens under the covers and we see from the outside. It is very playful. The other is in a movie called Boxcar Bertha With Barbara Hershey and David Carradine. They have sex in a wagon, a freight train.

What’s the most surprising place you’ve ever dated with someone?

I’m not very adventurous with places. I just think the bed is the best place to do anything. It’s nice, you have a lot of space. When I say bed, I definitely mean king-size or the king of California. Locked door. Good daylight. I love daylight for that kind of sex. If the connection exists, I don’t really need bells and whistles.

Are you an astrology person?

When it’s convenient.


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Jemima Kirke Talks Daytime Sex, Polyamory, and Putting Out on the First Date Source link Jemima Kirke Talks Daytime Sex, Polyamory, and Putting Out on the First Date

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