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On March 26, 2022 in Pasadena non-profit Jazzy Jams For Empowerment will host a public event “Yes! This is my dress! ”A pop-up prom dress designed to prepare colorful young women for the 2022 prom season.

Jazzy Jams For Empowerment (JJE) is an organization that has worked for years for black communities. Founded by Jacqueline Snell, president, this organization is designed to sponsor support and bring about a huge change in communities for people of color.

Born in Pasadena, Snell realized the need for community building and support when her daughter first entered the Pasadena United School District (PUSD).

“I’ve lived in Pasadena all my life and I realized that my daughter doesn’t get the same resources I had at school,” she told the Los Angeles Sentinel.

This caused a fire in Snell to start its own program for the benefit of young members of the community. She began work on implementing creative, practical educational opportunities that promote healthier lifestyles. She also worked with counselor Jacques Robinson to organize concerts to provide schools in Pasadena with new resources such as computers to study computer science.

It was during the COVID-19 pandemic that Snell began to see greater mental health problems in black communities. She said that “with so many diseases and unrest among black people. I had to redesign the JJE, turning it into a 501-c3, to better serve people in the mental sector. ”

This led to “Yes! This is my dress! “Event. Jacqueline has partnered with JJE’s Marketing Director, Theana Ross, to create this pop-up window. Ross has been doing these 2017 events with various organizations and was excited to present this annual event at JJE.

Ross was influenced to set these events as she built her own community of black women after the birth of her son. “When I grew up in Pasadena, there were a lot of public resources just for girls that had a huge impact on my life,” Ross said through tears. “I was building a community that offered me so much support during the struggles I had after my son was born, and I just wanted to give it back. I knew I had to be the change I wanted to see. ”

This pop-up prom is a FREE event where girls [high school juniors and seniors] will be able to receive completely new dresses from Macy’s and the Macy’s Gives program. AT&T Pioneers and Becca’s Closet have also partnered with JJE to donate brand new dresses. JJE hopes to cater to about 150 girls in dresses as well as new shoes from them to wear on their big day. They also admitted to the Los Angeles Sentinel that they have several surprises up their sleeve for those attending the event.

As black teenage women have the highest suicide rates today, JJE has promised to touch on the commitment of organizations to implementing better mental health services in colored communities. They attract counselors and therapists as a way to support and encourage young girls during their transitional high school experience. Therapists and counselors will also be present to provide services to parents.

“We want to shower the community with positive, inspiring gifts with our relationship-focused event. “We will fill these girls with words of affirmation in hopes of boosting their self-esteem, while providing them with mental health serves to end the stigma of mental health and mental health awareness,” Ross said.

Snell went on to say that the African-American community lacked a basis for mental health. JJE really wants to recognize the importance of the mental, because we believe that the mental brain influences everything we do. We can’t understand who we are if we don’t know who we are, so we work to promote health and a healthy lifestyle and promote self-esteem … especially with African-American children. It really starts at the root! ”

Asked what comes next for Jazzy Jam For Empowerment, the president said they are aiming to make an event for young men after that.

“We do not discriminate. We are currently looking for ways to better serve men of color, and we hope to take another initiative for them next year at the same time. ”

“Yes! This is my dress! “The event will take place on March 26 at The Westin Pasadena (191 N. Los Robles Ave. Pasadena, CA 91101) from 12:00 to 16:00. For more information on Jazzy Jam For Empowerment or visit the event http://www.jazzyjamforempowerment.org. Registration for the event is required to participate. To register to attend the event https://bit.ly/JazzyJamPasadena.

Jazzy Jam for Empowerment’s “Yes! That’s My Dress!” Event – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel Source link Jazzy Jam for Empowerment’s “Yes! That’s My Dress!” Event – Los Angeles Sentinel | Los Angeles Sentinel

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