Jazz outlast Clippers to put them in another 2-0 series hole – Press Telegram

Salt Lake City — Here they go again.

The Clippers are looking up from the 2-0 hole in this postseason’s second consecutive series. Despite retreating from the 21-point deficit in the second half, he needed more for Donovan Mitchell and his Utah Jazz.

Utah invites visitors to win games 2, 117-111 of the Western Conference semi-final series before another full house of 18,007 jazz fanatics at Vivint Arena on Thursday night. I diddge.

The series will return to the Staples Center in Rounds 3 and 4. The fourth-seeded Clippers became the 28th NBA team after winning Round 7 against Los Angeles Dallas and drawing 2-0 in playoff series of all lengths. It was a second round berth with top-seeded jazz, but otherwise there was no win at the first round home.

Utah is 6-1 at home in the postseason after finishing 31-5 in Salt Lake City during the regular season.

Reggie Jackson brought another drawback to the host, scoring the team’s highest 29 points. Of that, 16 points came during the third-quarter surge, when the Clippers gave Utah a chance to fight to steal one. 15 to 29 shots (12 to 6 from a range of 3 points).

Jackson’s fourth-quarter consecutive three-pointer took the Clippers’ first lead at 6:37 – 101-99, early in the third period, completing the rally from 21 points and the Clippers Guard.

However, Utah regained control with two free throws by Rudy Gobert. The three-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year finished Game 2 with 13 points, 20 rebounds, 3 block shots, and 2 steals. It pushed the advantage of jazz to 110-103.

The Clippers missed the next seven shots, including a putback attempt by Kawhi Leonard. Its tip was short and fell into the hands of Joe Ingles. 103 with 3:07 remaining.

Jackson responded with a layup again-and a foul shot from Paul George kept the Clippers within 113-108.

After Mitchell’s eight footers were 115-108 with 43.2 seconds left, the jazz three-point attempt, which jazz fans were nervous about, was cut off.

George fouled Mitchell on the midcourt, and a minute later to recover, the Utah star sank one of the two free throws to 116-108. George’s Quick 3 Pointer cut to 5 points, leaving 8.1. But in addition to another free throw from Gobert, that’s the only score scored on Thursday.

George finished with 27 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists. Leonard, who defended most of the game with Bojan Bogdanovic (also earning 16 points), scored 21 points with an 8-17 shot.

As on Tuesday, Jazz halved the 13-point lead 66-53 and used the late 14-2 spurt to create the separation.

The Clippers cut the reed to 60-53 with Leonard’s first three pointers in the last seven attempts before the break.

Mitchell continued his all-out attack with 27 points in the first half, beating Leonard (14) and George (9) two-quarters. George shot 9-3 to start the game, with a box score of -19 in the first half of the 19th minute.

Clarkson also helped Utah early with a 6-8 shot in the first half, scoring 15 points.

As a team, the Clippers started the game by shooting (and making 5) only 11 3 pointers. Meanwhile, a large amount of famous jazz progressed 21:10 from behind Ark.

Utah continued to put pressure on him after half-time. Leonard picked up the second, third and fourth fouls in two minutes when jazz turned half-time 14-2 jogging into a full-fledged 23-5 run.

But then Jackson began pumping water from the sunken ship. Jackson took his star turn for the Clippers while Mitchell played just 8:27 during that period (he was 6 to 1 with 3 points).

The Clippers guard finished with 16 points in the quarter, including 12 of the Clippers’ 23-6 runs, which reduced the deficit to just 82-78.

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Jazz outlast Clippers to put them in another 2-0 series hole – Press Telegram Source link Jazz outlast Clippers to put them in another 2-0 series hole – Press Telegram

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