Jaylon Connish remembered as loving son, brother and teammate during ceremony at Warren High School – Press Telegram

DOWNEY – Hundreds of people gathered Friday night to remember 17-year-old Jaylon Connish, a beloved security guard at Warren High School football team. who, according to investigators, was not wearing a seat belt when he was kicked out in a car accident and later died on Saturday, March 5th.

Jamal Connish, Jaylon’s father, had a direct message on his belt to everyone who attended the “Smiley’s Friday Night Lights” vigil at Warren Football Field.

“We have to talk about putting on our seat belts,” Jamal Connish said. “I don’t know if my son jumped into the car thinking it was great not to hook him up.

“I don’t know if my son got in the car and just forgot. I’ve already done it, but what I’m asking everyone to do is pause for a moment and repeat the seat belt.”

Jaylon was remembered by all who spoke as a smart, intelligent, caring, loving person who always lived up to his nickname “Smiley” by showing his smile, which would then bring a smile to those around him.

“He was a beautiful person. He impacted a lot of people, just talking to him was something beautiful all the time,” the St. John’s chief receiver said. John Bosco Chedon James, who grew up playing youth football at Carson with Connish. James and Connish most recently played on the same team 7-on-7 together.

Warren safety Dajon Hancox, 18, investigators said he was driving the vehicle but was wearing a seat belt at the time of the crash, attended the vigil in a wheelchair.

Hancox said Connish was his best friend in a special message that was read by his sister.

“I can honestly say that I probably talk to Jaylon more than to my siblings because I really felt like we were twins,” Hancox wrote. “You never saw me without him and he without me … I want to thank (the Connish family) for treating me like one of their children too. I will love you forever for that.”

Warren principal receiver Juan Wilson, 17, who investigators said did not wear a seat belt when he was ejected during a car accident, remains unconscious and in critical condition, according to school officials.

During the vigil, Traco Rachal, an assistant football coach from Warren who is also a local pastor, prayed for Wilson’s cure.

“We ask and pray to God for you to continue your miraculous work in the hospital with John,” Rachal said. “Let your body rest naturally so that it can be restored to its natural state and we pray the same for Dajon who may be here with us.”

Connish, Wilson and Hancox played their senior season together, winning the San Gabriel Valley League championship in the fall as they finished with an 8-1 record.

Warren football team captain Joshua Johnson said he was happy to be able to attend the vigil, which he concluded by snuggling with friends and family on the 50-yard line after traveling six laps to the team’s football field in honor of Connish, who dressed number 1. 6.

“It’s just a blessing to be around everyone I’ve known for a while or with whom I’ve grown up,” said Johnson, a high-level football team receiver.

Johnson said competing against Connish in training made him a better player and, more importantly, a better person.

“He always pushed me,” Johnson continued. “We always had our smiles, our laughs, but he always pushed me every day to be the best.”

Jaylon Connish remembered as loving son, brother and teammate during ceremony at Warren High School – Press Telegram Source link Jaylon Connish remembered as loving son, brother and teammate during ceremony at Warren High School – Press Telegram

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