Janelle Brown Accused of FAKING Weight Loss Pics to Push Shady Diet Products

Janelle Brown says she is feeling very good right now.

But many of Janelle Brown’s critics feel the exact opposite of the Sister Wives star after a recent Instagram upload.

A few days after celebrating America’s birthday this month, Brown wrote the following:

“Everyone’s weight loss journey looks different.”

Then a mother of six wrote these words as a caption for side-by-side photos of himself in the same outfit last July 4th and this Fourth of July.

“I’m always hesitant to share my progress publicly because let’s face it, all I share is always 10,000 people who want to judge me,” Brown continued at the time.

“But over the past year, I’ve not only increased my strength (almost 200lb bar squat is a success!), but in my own unique way, I’ve dropped pounds and inches.”

These are the photos that Janelle included in her post:

He concluded:

“I never thought I could feel as good as I did at 18 and FINALLY feel like I’m on my way to achieving my ultimate health goals. This is not an overnight fix.

“Nothing is really worth it.

“These shorts I’ve been wearing for 2 years are almost too big to wear! I couldn’t be more excited about my progress.”

Janelle continued to mark this seemingly obscure enterprise At the same time, many think she just lied about the pictures and weight loss (are the 4th of July pictures even from two different years?) to push an unhealthy and unproven product.

For example, one observer responded as follows:

His full caption on how he’s 18 again because of Plexus. UGH.

I am so angry that someone with a platform like theirs can use it to exploit people by shilling them for their pyramid scam products and “opportunity”

Jane on InstagramJane on Instagram

Another jumped in with the same thoughts:

There’s no point in her showing any kind of comparison picture if all she’s going to do is crop one version badly, pose creatively, and/or change her makeup to create a difference that doesn’t exist.

And the third agreed:

God love her, but what about Janelle’s “before and after” pictures? It’s literally the same day. One has a filter and the other doesn’t

Janelle Brown in her thoughtsJanelle Brown in her thoughts

Brown has yet to respond to this criticism.

But sister wife Meri Brown has been accused of a significant part in the pyramid scheme.

It’s hard not to wonder that Janell doesn’t grab something similar as well.

It is sad.

Janelle Brown Accused of FAKING Weight Loss Pics to Push Shady Diet Products Source link Janelle Brown Accused of FAKING Weight Loss Pics to Push Shady Diet Products

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