Jana Duggar: Neglecting Her Family Duties Following Stephen Wissmann Breakup?

The Dagger family has always hidden many of the details of their private lives from the public.

But these days, secrets are more stringent than ever, and there are good reasons.

Then in a few months Josh Duggar arrested on suspicion of child pornography, I try to keep the whole family inconspicuous.

So it’s harder than ever for Yana’s fans to understand what’s happening in her love life.

Yes, for about 10 years, enthusiastic dagger fans have been supporting Yana to get married.

There are many reasons for this, but especially due to family habits, Yana is not allowed to leave her parents’ home until she is caught.

Yana tends to follow her parents’ guidelines and has never worked (women are not allowed to work in Daggerland), so it would be difficult to come up with herself anyway.

Earlier this year, fans were delighted with the next news. Yana was brought to court by Stephen Wisman..

The relationship was long-distance-Stephen is a Nebraska-based pilot, musician, and businessman-but fans were convinced that the couple would make it work.

Alas, it looks like it is now Yana and Stephen broke up..

The split was never officially announced, but the relationship was not announced either.

The Daggers stopped such announcements as part of an effort to leave public after Josh was arrested.

But there is no doubt that Yana and Stephen were actually courting.

Yana didn’t fly to Nebraska To spend Christmas with the Wisman family during a pandemic just because she and Stephen are so great friends.

Recently, fans have been wondering how Yana has progressed since the first major dissolution, and seems to be receiving various signals from social media.

Fans have pointed out that Yana seems to be receiving support from her sisters, and there is no doubt that she is very grateful for this time of year.

But others believe her prolonged grief is evident in the lack of activity on Duggars’ official Instagram page.

Followers have long suspected that Jana runs the page, but there are many who support the theory.

(The style of Duggar’s official page and Jana’s page are very similar.)

And the lack of new content led much to the conclusion that she was distracted by her obligations.

The most obvious omission happened earlier this week when Joanna Dagger turned 16 but there was no mention of it on Dagger’s page.

Cars are important in the Dagger family. In other words, your 16th birthday is also important.

All Duggar before turning 16 in the social media era received some screams online, but the official Instagram page was silenced on October 11th, when Johanna was a 1-6 blockbuster. I did.

Some fans jumped at the conclusion that Yana had forgotten her sister’s birthday because she was so depressed about the dissolution, but obviously that’s a big leap.

Much more likely, Jana was celebrated with Johanna but decided to avoid social media.

Between the circumstances of Josh and Stephen, she had many reasons to do so.

Jana Duggar: Neglecting Her Family Duties Following Stephen Wissmann Breakup? Source link Jana Duggar: Neglecting Her Family Duties Following Stephen Wissmann Breakup?

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