Jana Duggar Flashes Bare Legs, Potentially “Defrauding” Thousands According to Jim Bob

Despite the fact that she is an adult woman allegedly running his own successful businessJana Duggar is not an “adult” in Jim Bob’s eyes.

According to cult, church, and family doctrine, Jana will remain part of Jim Bob’s family until she marries — a husband of her choice.

Some of her siblings get to “break” Jim Bob’s strict rules because their new husbands allow it.

But when Jana looks This a lot of feet, one has to wonder if the extreme Duggar lifestyle is finally breaking down at the seams.

Jana Duggar is thoughtful about what she actually publishes on social media.

(Some fans still speculate on how much he actually manages the account, but it’s not here or there)

He sometimes pops up on other people’s pages, which happened after he attended his friend’s wedding.

Jana wore a light blue dress under a brown jacket.

Although the jacket prevented his arms from being revealed to the world, the dress only comes under the knees.

As she sits, she falls above her knees and reveals far more legs than anyone is used to seeing from Duggar’s daughter – especially one who still lives at home.

The photo was shared on Jan’s friend Emily Ann Raynes’s Instagram Store.

Also pictured is Jana’s hug Hannah Duggar, who is wearing a strictly more modest dress of the same color.

And Jana’s brother Jeremiah was also involved in this sensational revelation of Jana’s knees.

Obviously, the knees are just joints. They are not sexual, they are not illegal, and if we are honest, most of them are very ugly.

They are one of the first parts of the body that people begin to hate at the ages of 30 and 40 and play only a few, if any, direct roles in sex.

However, for Jana to glance at her own camera, in public and in front of her brother … of course, the fans didn’t ignore it. How could they?

Since the ominous reality TV debut of the Duggar family, the dress code has attracted almost as much attention as the ever-expanding offspring.

Part of the problem is the absurd (and overwhelmingly sexist) rules themselves.

Men are pushed into clumsy paternal jeans and flattering shirts, while women had more rules – their hairstyles, makeup, pants, shirts and more.

Part of it was always to avoid showing the skin or perceiving the shape of the body.

This doesn’t just mean neckline or crop tops or camel toes or leggings, but very normal clothes – like shorts.

Duggar’s daughter was forbidden to reveal her hands or a few inches a foot … at least before.

More shocking than the rules themselves was the sick, twisted rationale behind it, as Michelle explained all those years ago.

If someone saw Jana’s feet and longed for her carnally, Jana would not be allowed to act on it according to her fundamentalist beliefs – even if she wanted to.

Because he is not married to the man who saw the additions of the devilcult logic says he would have enticed him to want things he couldn’t give – and thus “deceived” him.

This disturbed way of thinking defined so much of the life of the Duggar family and tied it to a culture of rape, female hatred, and more.

(Josh isn’t the only sexual predator in their cult – he’s just the best known of the trapped)

Maybe Jana is old enough that her parents will have a hard time preventing her from “cheating” passers-by. Or maybe they have bigger concerns these days.

Jana Duggar Flashes Bare Legs, Potentially “Defrauding” Thousands According to Jim Bob Source link Jana Duggar Flashes Bare Legs, Potentially “Defrauding” Thousands According to Jim Bob

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