Jacob Roloff: My Family Has Sold Its Soul for Money, Fame!

Jacob Roloff has never been a detainee.

Not when it comes to paternity, not politics, and not even when it comes to the negative way he apparently views his own loved ones.

Earlier this week, the 25-year-old jumped on Twitter to complain about his financial situation, which made his followers sound like he was really having trouble with this – and maybe a little sorry he walked out of Little People, Big World years ago. .

But no too unfortunate, Jacob stressed.

Because he doesn’t like those who sign up for reality TV very much.

“Did I ruin my soul without selling TV and advertising money?” asked Jacob on this social media platform and added:

“I hope not lol, but the rent is too high and I do too much work. Life is for the mood.”

Jacob's tone

Jacob is married to Isabel Roloff, and the couple had their first child, Mateon, in December.

In 2016, Roloff ended Little People, Big World … saying something similar to what he tweeted above.

“Because of the‘ episode ’and the reviews, I’ve seen a lot of story written (loosely) about our lives,” Jacob said at the time, adding:

“And when I was standing here behind the scenes and looking at it from the outside, I just couldn’t stop laughing.”

Why did Jacob react this way?

“Laughter at how hard producers have to try to get us to follow the talk, and how ridiculous the speech points are.”

Roloff concluded at the time by saying directly:

“The family described is not my family. They’re Roloff characters, and I have hardly anything in common with them, and I don’t want to be the character myself.”

Jacob was littering his family into scammers at the time, although he later rejected the remarks to some extent.

“I don’t want people to think that I’m living bitterly towards the show … I’ve moved on from there,” Roloff said in May 2017.

“It’s a natural progression when you leave where you came from, move away from home, travel away from home. Just run away. “

He is also on very good terms with his parents and siblings today, and he often shares pictures of himself and his nephews and nieces on Instagram.

In December 2020, Jacob unveiled a highly personal and painful experience that must have played at least some role in his decision to exclude the series, as well as the entertainment industry in general.

Jacob said he was harassed Little People, Big World producer.

“By revealing this, I may have a better understanding and my views on child sexual abuse, child abuse, and the side costs of reality TV can be more clearly received,” wrote Matt and Amy’s youngest about 18 months old. then.

Jacob also took the opportunity to connect the reality TV that happened to him with the soul-sucking nature.

Written by Roloff:

“I will continue my own reflection on the whole reality TV company voyeurism – a massive spectacle of drama, pain and strife and attack sprinkled with a little joy and viewed by viewers completely different from the complex people inside the‘ characters ’they see on television.

“However, there is no inherent causal link between reality TV production and the trauma of childhood.

“We continue to sprint with deaf, stupid and blind companies and apologize later instead of asking ourselves tougher preliminary questions.

“The products were really sweet. The actual experience was more complicated.”

As you can see, Jacob has many feelings about this genre.

Unfortunately, he also has a very understandable reason to think so.

To end his message on the subject in late 2020, Roloff said he did not blame his family members for what happened at all, and wrote:

Finally, it must be emphasized that all reason is in the predator and no one in my family is at fault. I am sure this is a positive moment for me and a new step towards a brighter future.

Jacob Roloff: My Family Has Sold Its Soul for Money, Fame! Source link Jacob Roloff: My Family Has Sold Its Soul for Money, Fame!

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