It’s Time to Find This Bear Market’s Next 1,000% Stock Win

Bear market is the time to buy … If You know where to look.

This is something I have known for years … and I have taken advantage of some bear markets to trade the right stocks.

Charles Sizemore, Matt Clark and I have been emphasizing this in recent weeks at Money & Markets.

But as a systematic trader, I will not settle for any stock floating around its low.

I want to find companies that meet specific criteria: stocks with a profit potential of 1,000% of the lows in this market and that will achieve these profits fast!

I want to help you turn $ 10,000 into $ 100,000 a year.

And the system I designed to help us do that prepared.

My team and I quickly followed up on his release so we can show you how to take advantage of the decade-long buying opportunity.

Was one of the first to watch the 10 X 10 Fortunes Summit now!

To show you what kind of potential earnings I’m talking about, let’s look again at two of the amazing – and profitable – stock stories that have yielded the worst bear markets of the past decade.

Let us show you why the factors below were key.

Let’s start with what my colleague and Green Zone Fortunes Co-editor, Charles Seizmore, wrote about tremendous stock success: Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA).

TSLA jumped 3,000% after 2018

Charles Seismore, Green Zone Fortunes Co-editor

Back in 2018, we had an almost bear market. The S&P 500 was down 19.8% in the fourth quarter, just a hair’s breadth away from the 20% threshold that makes it “official.”

Tesla stock took its share of the inputs. TSLA was down 27% from the third quarter high … and then it was down even more in the first half of 2019.

By the time TSLA reached the bottom, it had dropped more than half of its all-time highs.

Maybe you thought it was over game for Tesla. But then, after falling $ 35.79 in May 2019, TSLA shares continued to soar above $ 1,229 in value until the end of 2021, blocking a monstrous move of 3,334%!

Any investor who set this time would earn 33 times his money … in Tesla, which was already a large and well-established stock.

Now, not every stock enjoys such a rise coming out of a correctional market or a bear.

Tesla has benefited from several stock market trends:

  • It was (and still is) the biggest name in electric vehicles (EVs). It is still the only electric vehicle manufacturer to produce vehicles of this scale, then EV Investors Stacked when the stock dropped.
  • Investors have been focusing on technology for years, and TSLA is one of the biggest technology names there is.

Tesla is definitely not alone. And do not need a huge name to produce massive growth in stocks like what TSLA did.

To highlight Charles’ latest fact, let’s look back at the company’s research analyst, Matt Clark, showed you: Devon Energy Corp. (Symbol: DVN).

This tiny stock was down 1,078% from the coronarch.

This is not the first Down Market … it will not be the last

Matt Clark, Research Analyst

Just two years ago, stocks suffered one of the most fruitful falls in history due to the COVID-19 epidemic … nicknamed the “Coroncrash”.

The Dow Jones industrial average fell 31.68% from its peak in February 2020 to its low of mid-March 2020.

But after the market reached a low, stocks started to rise again.

In the market, as things go down, they also go up.

The consequences of the 2020 crash were no different.

A number of stocks have seen a massive rise in months following one of the largest – and most sudden – market declines in history.

Devon Energy Corp. (Symbol: DVN) Is just one example.

The energy company hit a low of $ 5.41 just two days after the Dow Jones industrial average bottomed out during the crash.

Then DVN Jumped 1,078% and reached a peak Less than two years later.

DVN rode on the trend trend of the energy market that carried into 2022.

It’s a huge move in no time!

These are just two examples of stocks that have jumped out of recession. I’ll show you another one on Monday in Money and Markets.

But here’s the thing…

Over the past decade, there have been about 100 stocks on average that have risen 1,000% or more each year.

These opportunities are out there. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.

and My new system Going to help us with the search.

It is designed to reveal stocks that can Turn $ 10,000 into $ 100,000 in just one year.

My 10 times return secrets are key. I’m looking for stocks that:

  • Are on the rise.
  • There is overwhelming market momentum.
  • Are at an attractive price after immersion.
  • And they are part of lucrative and multi-decade mega trends.

We will find the next potential TSLA or DVN in the current bear market.

Join me for the “10 X Fortunes Summit” And see how my most powerful profit-making system to date will make that happen.

And get ready for the opportunity to turn this bear market into a 1,000% opportunity.

For good profits,

Adam Odell

Chief Investment Strategist

It’s Time to Find This Bear Market’s Next 1,000% Stock Win Source link It’s Time to Find This Bear Market’s Next 1,000% Stock Win

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