Italy freezes superyacht allegedly linked to Vladimir Putin

Rome moved to seize a $ 700 million yacht moored in a port in Tuscany pending a decision on its beneficial owners to include in the European Commission’s forthcoming package of sanctions against Russia.

Italy’s finance minister Daniel Franco has adopted “an order to freeze the property pending a decision by the EU,” the government said in a statement on Friday evening.

The investigation revealed evidence of “significant economic and business ties with prominent Russian government officials subject to EU sanctions.” Thus, the Italian authorities are moving to seize the boat, the statement added.

The Ministry of Finance did not identify the helpful owners of the yacht.

The move comes amid media reports that the 140-meter-long blacksmith was preparing to leave the port of Marina di Carrera in northern Tuscany. Local residents said the renovation of the super-yacht was completed this week.

Authorities in Italy have been investigating its ownership for weeks as part of efforts to enforce EU sanctions against oligarchs linked to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Italy is a favorite playground for many of the multi-billionaires.

Intimates of the Russian fighter imprisoned against corruption Alexei Navalny Advance the case that the mysterious super-yacht is probably Putin’s. According to documents seen by the FT, the nominal owner of Scheherazade is Beilor Asset Limited, a company based in the Marshall Islands.

Italy freezes superyacht allegedly linked to Vladimir Putin Source link Italy freezes superyacht allegedly linked to Vladimir Putin

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