Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza tunnels, homes of 9 Hamas commanders as diplomats work for truce

A 15-kilometer (9-mile) radical tunnel and 9 as Israeli forces unleashed a wave of violent air strikes in the Gaza Strip early Monday and worked to end a week of combat in which international diplomats killed hundreds of people. Of those who said they had destroyed the house of Commander Hamas.

According to Israeli forces, recent attacks have killed local Gaza leaders of Islamic Jihad militant groups and blamed him for some of the thousands of rocket attacks launched in Israel.

Awakened by an overnight barrage, Gaza residents said it was the heaviest since the war began, even more powerful than the airstrikes in Gaza the day before, killing 42 people and flattening three buildings. I did.That early attack The most deadly of the current hostilities Between the rulers of Hamas in Israel and Gaza.

The three-story building in Gaza was severely damaged, but residents said the military warned 10 minutes before the strike and everyone had cleared it up. There were no immediate words about casualties.

Gaza Mayor Yahya Sarraj told Al Jazeera TV that the strike caused enormous damage to roads and other infrastructure. “The situation is expected to get worse as the attacks continue,” he said.

The United Nations warned that the only power plant on the territory was at risk of running out of fuel, and Sarraj said Gaza also lacked spare parts. There are already 8 to 12 hours of daily power outages in Gaza, and you can’t drink tap water. Mohammed Tabet, a spokesman for a distribution company in the region, said Gaza has fuel to power it for a couple of days. He added that the airstrikes damaged the supply line and prevented company staff from reaching the affected areas due to continued Israeli bombardment.

The war broke out last Monday when a Hamas militant group launched a long-range rocket in Jerusalem after a few weeks of clashes. Holy City between Palestinian Protesters and Israeli Police..Protests with the holy Ramadan month of Muslims Threatened eviction of dozens of Palestinian families By Jewish settlers.

More protests were expected throughout the region on Tuesday in response to Israeli Palestinian citizens’ call for a general strike. The protests have been endorsed by the Fatah Party of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

Since the beginning of the fighting, Israeli forces have launched hundreds of airstrikes that claim to target Hamas’s radical infrastructure. Palestinian militants in Gaza have launched more than 3,100 rockets into Israel. Israeli military officials said Hamas had stockpiled about 15,000 rockets before the war began.

According to the Gaza Ministry of Health, the strike killed at least 200 Palestinians, injuring 59 children and 35 women, and injuring 1,300. Eight Israeli people were killed in a rocket attack launched from Gaza. Among them are a 5-year-old boy and a soldier.

in spite of International efforts in the ceasefireIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the Israeli attack was continuing “at full power” and “it would take time.” Israel said it “wants to impose a high price” on Hamas’s militant group.

Ismail Hanier, a top leader in Hamas based abroad, said the group was contacted by the United Nations, Russia, Egypt and Qatar as part of a ceasefire effort, saying, “Palestinian people.”

In an interview with the Lebanese daily Al Akhbar, he condemned the war against Israeli actions in Jerusalem, and Rocket “imposed a curfew on citizens and closed Israel by closing airports and ports. I’m paralyzed. “

Egyptian President Abdel Fatta Elsisi said in his first comment since the outbreak of the war that his government is working to “urgently” end violence. Egypt, which borders Gaza and Israel, has played a central role in the fire extinguishing operations mediated after the previous combat round.

Egyptian diplomats said the effort focused on two issues. The suspension of all attacks from both sides and the suspension of Israeli policy in the disputed city of Jerusalem that sparked the battle. These include police raids on Palestinian protesters in and around the Al-Axa Mosque and planned expulsion of Palestinians by Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem.

Diplomats spoke on condition of anonymity because they were talking about secret diplomatic debates, and mediators rely on the Biden administration to pressure Israel to stop the attack and may act within the next 48 hours. He said he was expected.

US diplomat Hadi Amur met with a delegation of the Palestinian Authority the following Monday after meeting with senior Israeli leaders. However, the Biden administration has so far refused to publicly criticize Israel’s role in combat or send top-level envoys to the region.

According to Israeli police, the rocket attack continued on Monday and was injured in a collision with a building in Ashdod.

Meanwhile, Israeli forces said they attacked 35 “terrorist targets” and tunnels on Monday. The tunnel is said to be part of an elaborate system called the “metro” used by fighters to hide from airstrikes.

According to Israeli Air Force officials, who told reporters on condition of anonymity in accordance with regulations, the tunnel extends hundreds of kilometers (miles) and is more than 20 meters (yards) deep. Officials said Israel was not trying to destroy all the tunnels, but only the chokepoints and major junctions.

The military also said it had attacked nine homes in various parts of northern Gaza owned by Hamas’s “high commander.” The strike killed Hasam Abharbid, commander of Gaza in the Islamic Jihad War.

Recently, Israel has targeted the homes of many senior Hamas leaders, including top leader Yehiyeh Sinwar in the territory. When the fighting began, the group’s leadership went underground and it is unlikely that they were at home at the time of the strike.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad militant groups say at least 20 fighters have been killed, and Israel says at least 130 are “excluded”. He states that he has released the official’s name and photo.

Israeli airstrikes leveled the number of tallest buildings in the city of Gaza, which Israel claims to have included Hamas’ military infrastructure.Some of them Residential Building Associated Press Gaza Office And those of other media. The Israeli army warned staff and residents before the strike, and all were able to evacuate safely.

AP Editor-in-Chief Sally Buzbee Seeking independent research For air strikes.

Netanyahu claimed that Hamas military intelligence was operating inside the building and said evidence would be shared through intelligence on Sunday. Neither the White House nor the State Department said if there was anything seen.

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza tunnels, homes of 9 Hamas commanders as diplomats work for truce Source link Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza tunnels, homes of 9 Hamas commanders as diplomats work for truce

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