Israel kills 42 people in Gaza as Netanyahu warns that war will continue –


Gaza Strip, Gaza Strip (AP) —Airstrikes in Israel’s Gaza Strip flattened three buildings on Sunday and killed at least 42 people, Palestinian medical personnel said. Despite tolls and international efforts to mediate the ceasefire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has signaled that the Fourth War with the Hamas ruler in Gaza will be infuriated.

President Netanyahu said in a television speech that the attack continued “at full power” and “takes time.” Israel “wants a high tax” on Hamas’s militant group, adjoining the defense minister and political rivals. , Benny Gantz, at the unity show.

Hamas also urged launching rockets from Gaza’s private territories into Israel’s private territories. According to Israeli paramedics, they crashed into the synagogue of the southern city of Ashkelon hours before the evening service in Shavuot, a Jewish holiday. No injuries have been reported.

In an Israeli air raid early Sunday, the family was buried in a pile of cement rubble and twisted rebar. A yellow canary lay crushed on the ground. Shards of glass and debris cover the streets, and three buildings are a few blocks away from the main downtown road, which was struck for five minutes around 1 am.

Hostility has escalated repeatedly over the past week, recording the worst fighting in the territory of two million Palestinians since the devastating war between Israel and Hamas in 2014.

“I haven’t seen this level of destruction in my 14 years of work,” said Samir Al-Hative, an emergency rescue worker in Gaza. “It’s not the 2014 war.”

Rescue teams used excavators and bulldozers to dig fiercely into the rubble in heavy dust clouds. One shouted, “Can you hear me?” In the hole. “Are you okay?” He asked. A few minutes later, first responders pulled out survivors. The Gaza Ministry of Health said 16 women and 10 children were killed and more than 50 were injured.

21-year-old Haya Abderal said she lived in a building next to the destroyed building and was asleep when she fled the streets in an airstrike. She accused Israel of not giving the usual warning to its inhabitants to flee before launching such an attack.

“We are tired,” she said. “I need a truce. I can’t stand it anymore.”

An Israeli military spokesperson office said the strike targeted Hamas’ “underground military infrastructure.” As a result of the strike, “the underground facility collapsed, the foundation of the private house above it collapsed, and unintentional casualties occurred.”

Among those reported killed were Dr. Aiman ​​Abualuf, director of internal medicine at Shifa Hospital and a senior member of the hospital’s coronavirus management committee. Two teenage children from Abu Alf and two other families were also buried under the rubble of their home.

Mohammed Abu Sermia, director of Shifa, said the death of a 51-year-old doctor “had a great loss during a very sensitive period.”

Gaza’s health system, which had already been destroyed by the blockade of Israel and Egypt imposed after Hamas seized power from rival Palestinian troops in 2007, suffered a surge in coronavirus infection even before the recent conflict. ..

Israeli airstrikes leveled many of Gaza’s tallest offices and homes, claiming to include Hamas’ military infrastructure. Among them was a building that housed the Associated Press office and other media offices.

Sally Buzbee, the editor-in-chief of the new organization, called for an independent investigation into the airstrikes that destroyed the AP office the day before on Sunday.

Netanyahu claimed that Hamas military intelligence was operating inside the building.

“It’s a perfectly legitimate target,” he told CBS’s Face the Nation on Sunday.

President Netanyahu was asked in a phone call with US President Joe Biden on Saturday if Hamas provided evidence of being inside the building, saying, “We will give it to intelligence agents.”

Buzbee asked to provide such evidence.

“We are in a conflict situation,” Buzbee said. “We disagree with the conflict. I heard the Israelites say there is evidence. I don’t know what the evidence is.”

The AP has been operating from the building for 15 years, including three previous wars between Israel and Hamas. News agency cameras, operating from top-floor offices and roof terraces, provide 24-hour live shots when radical rockets arch towards Israel and Israeli air strikes hit the city and its surroundings. did.

“At this point, I think it’s appropriate to investigate what happened yesterday independently. It’s an independent investigation,” Busby said.

The recent outbreak of violence began last month in East Jerusalem. Palestinians clashed with police in response to Israeli police tactics throughout Ramadan and threats of eviction of dozens of Palestinian families by Jewish settlers. The focus of the clash was the Al-Aqsa Mosque, a frequent flash point in hilltop complexes worshiped by both Muslims and Jews.

Hamas began launching rockets at Jerusalem on Monday, triggering an Israeli attack on Gaza.

Hundreds of airstrikes in Gaza killed at least 188 Palestinians, included 55 children and 33 women, and injured 1,230. Eight Israeli people were killed in some of the 3,100 rocket attacks launched from Gaza, including a five-year-old boy and soldiers.

Hamas and a group of Islamic Jihad militants have admitted that 20 fighters were killed in the fighting. Israel has released the names and photos of 20 operatives who claim to be “excluded”, saying they are far more real.

UN Special Envoy for the Middle East, Tol Wenesland, said the assault had expelled about 34,000 Palestinians from their homes on Sunday.

The turmoil spread elsewhere, fueling protests on the west bank of the occupied Jordan, violence between Jews and Arab citizens in Israel, clashes and vigilants against people and property.

According to Israeli police, a driver rushed into an Israeli checkpoint in the Sheikhjara district of eastern Jerusalem on Sunday, injuring six police officers when a Palestinian family was threatened to evict a peasant farmer.

Violence also triggered protests by pro-Palestinians in cities across Europe and the United States.

Israel seems to have stepped up its strikes to do as much damage as possible to Hamas, as international intermediaries have recently endeavored to end the fighting and stop Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza. ..

Israeli forces said they had destroyed the southern town of Khan Eunice, the hometown of Yahie Sinwa, the top leader of Hamas in Gaza. This was the third such attack in the last two days against the home of a senior Hamas leader who sneaked underground.

Egypt and the United States were involved in the ceasefire effort, but it was not clear whether they were making progress in the light of Netanyahu’s statement that the campaign was ongoing. The UN Security Council also met on Sunday, and Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for the end of the “meaningless cycle of bloodshed, terrorism and destruction.”


Nesman reported from Atlanta. Contributed by Associated Press writer Samy Magdy in Cairo, Joseph Krauss and Isaac Scharf in Jerusalem, and Bassem Muroe in Beirut.

Israel kills 42 people in Gaza as Netanyahu warns that war will continue –

Source link Israel kills 42 people in Gaza as Netanyahu warns that war will continue –

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