Israel breaks out of its global isolation

For decades, it was suitable for both Israel and its enemies to portray the Jewish state as endangered and embarrassed.The worst enemy of Israel is the “Zionist entity” Clean up..That liberal critic Insisted Israel will never be safe until it makes peace with the Palestinians. Meanwhile, Israelis argued that external threats justified their continued occupation of Palestinian lands and their frequent reliance on military force.

Visit Israel as I did last week, and you still hear regular dark warnings about Iran and terrorism. But far more striking is the bright optimistic mood among national political and business leaders.

Israel has enjoyed prosperity and relative heightened peace for over a decade.That per capita income is now taller than Than the UK.The country is booming Technology industry Boasts more 70 unicorn (Technology start-ups worth more than $ 1 billion), which is about 10 percent of the world total. venture capital Pouring into the country.Israel is also a world leader fight Covid-19 was vaccinated against its population earlier than any other country.

Israel is new after two years of political crisis Coalition government, This spreads to the left and right spectrum and includes Arab Israelis for the first time Party.. Benjamin Netanyahu, who has ruled and polarized Israeli politics for many years, has now lost power. During trial..

Most intriguing is that the Israelis feel that they are out of the international isolation that has long threatened the country in the Pariah state.The direct cause of this is Abraham agreement, Normalized Israeli relations between the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, and the lukewarm Morocco and Sudan.

Israel’s Minister of Regional Cooperation Issawi Frej is enthusiastic that the deal will provide the country with great opportunities for economic growth. Frey, an Arab Israeli, recently attended a meeting in Abu Dhabi with the Abu Dhabi consensus Egypt and Jordan. He predicts that more countries in the region will soon join the agreement.

Despite the pandemic, it feels like all the prominent Israelis have recently visited the UAE. They are enthusiastic about the novelty of flying in Saudi airspace and the warmth of their reception in Dubai. ” Kosher restaurant At Burj Khalifa [the world’s tallest building]”A Israeli venture capitalist marvels.

There are also more specific rewards. Many Israeli companies trade in the UAE. The Israeli aerospace industry, a major technology exporter closely associated with the military, Established Abu Dhabi facility. Like other Israeli companies, the Gulf is seen as a starting point for new global markets.

The diplomatic outcomes of the Abraham agreement are also clear. Last week, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid attended a quadrilateral meeting with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken and the Foreign Ministers of India and the United Arab Emirates. NS “New quad” Establish a forum for economic cooperation.

One senior Western diplomat in Israel said that 15 years ago diplomacy with Israel was “80% of Palestine and 20% of the others.” It is now 20% of Palestine and 80% of the others. “Israel Technical capabilities It’s the key to changing relationships with the outside world. As diplomats say, “the world wants what Israel sells.”

Geopolitical changes are also working for the benefit of Israel. For previous generation Western leaders such as Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, resolving the conflict between Israel and Palestine was the Holy Grail of international politics. Other issues are more pressing for the current generation. Intensifying competition between the United States and China is a decisive issue in Washington. Governments in China, India and Russia consider Israel primarily as a technical partner and geopolitical actor. In the Middle East, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries are more concerned about the threat from Iran than the fate of the Palestinians. Common fears of Israel and Iran in the Gulf supported the Abraham agreement.

It is nice to report that Israel’s surge in international acceptance also reflects a significant improvement in the treatment of Palestinians.But on the contrary, Human Rights Watch report This year, Israel’s treatment of Palestinians claimed to meet the legal definition of “apartheid.” This is a sin that the Israelites refused. “Israeli authorities systematically privilege Jewish Israelis and discriminate against Palestinians,” HRW said.

At least 260 Palestinians were seen in the May battle with Hamas killed Israeli strike on Gaza. In Israel, 13 people were killed primarily by Hamas rockets. However, international criticism of Israel soon subsided. The Abraham agreement did not derail, nor did the Arab-Israeli party, Ram, decide to join the new coalition government.

The impact on Palestinians is bleak.Their cause remains high agenda To the left of the west. However, weakening support in the Arab world has weakened the Palestinian ability to put pressure on Israel.

The pessimistic view is that increasingly confident Israel will be free to push for further colonization of the West Bank. But there is another way. After the second Intifada terrorist attack between 2000 and 2005, support for Israel’s peace process collapsed. Safer and more optimistic Israel could become a more generous country.

Israel breaks out of its global isolation Source link Israel breaks out of its global isolation

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