Isabel Roloff: I Have Stretch Marks. I Have a Postpartum Bump. And It’s Incredible!

Isabel Roloff is here to make it happen.

And we couldn’t be more grateful.

The wife of former Little People, Big World star Jacob Roloff, is now also the mother of a son named Mateo.

She and her husband welcomed their son in early December.

That’s why it was at this time that many other celebrities jumped on social media bragging about having their bikini body back and / or dropping all their pounds of pregnancy … and all that nonsense.

But not Roloff.

“Here I am three months after giving birth!” The 26-year-old captioned the Instagram Story elves on Thursday and added:

“I document it mostly to myself, but I normalize that I still have a little stupid and it’s totally ok. I had a really bad stomach difference. My child weighed nine pounds. “

Izzie Roloff's message

What a welcome perspective.

Isabel went on to write that her body “is what it is,” judging:

“Sometimes I’m like,‘ Weld, what if I want more kids, what would it look like if this happened to me first? ’Such a trip.

“The bodies are amazing.”


Certainly they are.

It’s refreshing to hear a woman talk this way, rather than focus on some need to lose a lot of weight as soon as she gets older.

Isabel has been consistent in her outspokenness even as a fresh mother. It’s not always easy, you know?

“Of course I’ve had postpartum anxiety, but I think it’s really normal as a first-time mother.” Roloff wrote on his Instagram Store in January, then granting:

“I see a long way to go in front of me.

“It simply came to our notice then [postpartum] but I am still sore, and these daily walks are the motivation for me and my body to CONTINUE.

“I will probably need pelvic floor therapy, continue acupuncture, massage, chiropractor and more.

“We’re still deeply healing here, but still so much gratitude for the whole trip.”

Jacob, on the other hand, has been in love with Mateo since he became a father.

“My beautiful son was born a week ago early on December 4th. Mateo Tomás, ”a former TLC personality wrote on Instagram late last year.

“I already feel endless love and hard protection for this boy.

“Mama Juj was an absolute superhero in this process, and my love and appreciation for her is growing day by day.”

Roloff, son

Recently, Jacob uploaded a valuable snapshot immediately above and wrote with it:

Mateo… lovely son.

One day I will grow food with you and eat fruit from the tree with you, and I will say “nothing can end here,” and you will prove me wrong.

Isabel Roloff: I Have Stretch Marks. I Have a Postpartum Bump. And It’s Incredible! Source link Isabel Roloff: I Have Stretch Marks. I Have a Postpartum Bump. And It’s Incredible!

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