Isabel Roloff: Baby Bumpin’ All Over the Place, Counting Down to Delivery

Isabel Lorov and her semi-famous husband expect their first child.

However, as previously reported and documented, the couple is approaching this blessed milestone in a clearly contrasting way.

First, there’s Jacob Roloff … who released some exciting news in July:

“For us, not for you. I am very happy. We have a son.”

Given the topic, many The followers were surprised At that time, by Jacob’s bitter and confrontational message.

After a while, Jacob revealed to these same followers that they would. Never see pictures of babies Of his imminent son.

We had nothing but respect for parents who value their children’s privacy, but once again:

It’s bitter and confrontational, Jacob? !! ??

On the other side of the parent’s spectrum, Isabel cannot stop her eruption during pregnancy.

She told fans this summer that she was “overjoyed” to check the baby’s news. Since then, she has backed up the adjective.

Simply put … Isabel whether to do so by comparing the person growing in it with the avocado, or by melting all the minds there through a snapshot of her bumps. Whether or not you do so, you can’t stop posting photos of her expanding belly. Her dog.

Here you can see what we mean in a way.

Isabel Lorov 1

And here in another sense:

Isabel Lorov 2

Just last weekend, Isabel was greeted by family and friends in a baby shower, including her sister-in-law Audrey, who is also pregnant and will give birth about a month ago.

“Today, my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful baby shower.

“Jacob and I are very grateful for all the love and support from our people,” Isabel wrote in the caption of the following image.

She definitely looks shining.

Roloff managed to stay bright even after some horrific social media abuse.

For example, when we last wrote about her, Isabel said that the troll has. Threatened the life of her foetation..

In response, the mother, of course, turned off her comment, saying that such measures had to be taken for “mental health.”

Seriously, why do people have to smoke so much?

Isabel Lorov 3

I can’t blame Jacob for wanting to protect his child from such hatred, it’s true.

But we are also pleased that Isabel took a slightly different tact than her husband throughout this pregnancy.

She looks gorgeous, and we thank the former reality star for a glimpse of her journey.

Good luck with labor and delivery, Izzie!

Isabel Roloff: Baby Bumpin’ All Over the Place, Counting Down to Delivery Source link Isabel Roloff: Baby Bumpin’ All Over the Place, Counting Down to Delivery

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