Is Your Child Digitally Healthy? Find Out with A Parental Control App.

The digital health of children is one of the more recent topics in health care and psychiatry. Naturally, the topic came to light with the advent of digital media and the physical lives of people becoming completely entwined with their digital lives throughout the last few years.

A child’s digital health is determined by their online activity, owing to the kind of content they consume online and the way they respond to certain content when it presents itself or the way they inculcate certain values and actions in their life.

How to Monitor Digital Health

The responsibility of monitoring and ensuring a child’s digital health and safety quite naturally befall their parents and no wonder new parents of the cyber age have been stressing out about the risks and dangers of the internet.

Their worry is not devoid of reason. The internet can be a strange place and left to their own devices, children, in their naivety, might unknowingly subject themselves and others to grave dangers.

Parents can now rest knowing that with the help of an FamilyTime iPhone parental control app, they can minimize these dangers and protect their children as well as ensure their health and safety online.

Content Filters

With the help of content filters, parents can decide what their children do and do not see on the internet. What kind of apps and websites do they get access to and what kind of apps do not get access to their child’s newsfeed as well.

Location and GeoFence

Geofence refers to a virtual boundary that parents can set around their children. The Geofence feature sends immediate alerts to parents or caregivers as soon as their child steps outside the virtually defined boundary.

Installed Apps and Usage Statistics

Parents can easily keep track of the kind of content their children consume by monitoring which apps they download on their devices and how much they spend on each app using an iPhone parenting control app.

App Blocking and Screen Time Limits

Certain harmful or distracting games and applications can be blocked on iOS child devices with the help of the iPhone parental control app, FamilyTime.

This app also allows parents to decide how much screen time is allowed on each child’s device. Other than the screen time limit, parents can also use it to determine what hours the screen time can be utilized in between.

Pick Me Up Alerts

Sometimes parents can be busy, stuck in traffic, or otherwise preoccupied. iPhone parental control app FamilyTime allows for children to send ‘pick me up’ alerts to their parents so that they are reminded of the time and location they are expected to pick their child up.

SOS or Panic Button

The Panic Button has been designed for emergencies and instantly sends out an alert letting the parents know there is a situation that demands their immediate attention.

Teen Speed Alerts

Parents always worry about children no matter how old they get, but teenage is one challenging phase. Not just for the teenagers themselves but also their parents. Being a parent, it doesn’t seem too overprotective to want your child to drive safely.

With FamilyTime, parents can set a safe speed limit on their teenage children’s devices and be instantly notified whenever they are driving over the speed limit. This feature also notifies the teenager that they are driving too fast and their parents would like them to slow down and drive safely.

Why FamilyTime

FamilyTime is a safe, easy-to-use, and reliable app with highly secure servers and great concern for customer privacy and confidentiality. They offer several other features as well as the above-mentioned ones and have received several 5-star reviews. The FamilyTime iOS parental control app offers a 3-day free trial and can be downloaded from either App Store or Google Play.


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