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Anyone who enjoys the undeniable joys of a good walk has at some point asked the question, “Is walking cardio?” After all, even those who enjoy the excruciating rigors of high-intensity exercise sometimes like to mix it up at a different pace, and more than any other physical activity, walking offers something for everyone, no matter how fit they may be.

But can we really classify walking as cardiovascular exercise? Whether you want to make the most of those bright summer nights or are looking for that best treadmills (opens in new tab) To make sure you’re making good progress, whatever the weather, you want to know that walking will bring you benefits that are proportional to the time you put in.

What is cardio?

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According to that Department of Health and Human Services (opens in new tab), Cardiovascular activity is defined as any activity that gets your heart, lungs and major muscle groups working, and studies show that walking at a pace of 5 to 8 miles per hour undoubtedly qualifies as moderate-intensity physical activity. This provides a variety of benefits including developing aerobic fitness, reducing body fat and resting blood pressure, and improving blood pressure control. Walking also fights weight loss, depression and cardiovascular disease, a study published in shows Plus one (opens in new tab) show that even intermittent walking programs can have beneficial effects on body fat levels.

Is walking cardio? | Live Science Source link Is walking cardio? | Live Science

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