Irvine: Scott Brown secures 11th place in Dragon’s Back Race

The award-winning Irvine Jim boss, Europe’s toughest mud racer, finished 11th in the world’s toughest mountain races.

Scott Brown has managed to complete a brutal Dragonsback race, a few-day running race across the 385km mountains from North Wales to South Wales.

And the Scott Brown Fitness boss thanked everyone for their support while stopping by on their way home from Wales.

He said: “I’m absolutely shattered. It’s basically 385km, starting at Conwy Castle in North Wales and continuing to Cardiff Castle.

“It was the first year that it was six days long. It’s notorious for its low completion rate, but I signed up with that in mind.

“I checked in last Sunday [to the race] And on Monday when it started, my twin brother Ross was first there to keep me away. Then the next time I met someone I recognized, I knew it was my wife Kelly in Cardiff.

“Monday and Tuesday we lost a lot of people in the heat. It was so warm that many people dropped out. Those who couldn’t reach the finish because it took a long time to reach each checkpoint. There is also. You must be able to navigate. There was no washroom and you had to use the river.

“They give you a map and tell you the route, but it’s unmarked, so many people get lost or slowly tire them-you get tired more throughout the week. ..

“I couldn’t get the best start on my own and felt very tough in the heat, but I got stronger from Wednesday to Saturday. I moved up the ranking to 11th overall at around 23rd. I think it was.

“I want to thank my running coach Casey. He helped me a lot in my planning and preparation. She always allowed me to do these things, so obviously Kelly and my brother Ross and Kevin. And my gym staff who held the fort while I was away. ”

Scott, who ranked fifth in the world’s toughest madder in 2019, recently reopened a new Scott Brown fitness gym and boot camp on Isle Sarod near the beach park.

After several years of awards in Tarbolton, he took action this year with his wife, Kelly, who offers beauty treatments and hands-for-health sports massages from Fred. The company was named Ayrshire’s Favorite Business 2018 and Scotland’s Best Training Provider in both 2017 and 2016.

He states: “Many of my clients are from North Ayrshire and always wanted to go there when they first opened three and a half years ago.

“With this blockage, I thought it would be much harder if I didn’t make that jump now. The location is twice as big, so there are more kits and racks, and the obstacle course is twice as big. ..

“Some people can be intimidated, so my top priority was to change people’s experiences and build a community where people can go somewhere safe.”

Irvine: Scott Brown secures 11th place in Dragon’s Back Race Source link Irvine: Scott Brown secures 11th place in Dragon’s Back Race

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