Irvine: Remembrance Sunday organisers to meet to resolve issues

After complaining about the timing of the silent prayer on Sunday in memory, civilian leaders and corps organizers are to meet to ensure that the problem “will never happen again.”

Residents and veterans condemned the act of memorial silence at the former parish church at 11:00 am last week. There was no similar service in The Cenotaph when the wreath was placed.

However, Session Clark’s David Whitelow told the Times that no priest was invited to speak at the War Memorial, and that traditional service had been performed in the church for the past 100 years.

He added that he wrote to arrange a meeting with all parties to address any issues.

In a letter to The Times last week, retired career Royal Marine and local government official Gerald Boland MBE said the 11 am silence should be held at the War Memorial for all religious people. Said.

He writes: “I arrived at the monument at a good time to observe the two minutes of silence in the eleventh hour. The eleventh hour of the memorial Sunday was my pain without officially adhering to the act of memorial. And much of the pain of other people near me came and went.

“It is my understanding that the Irvine Memorial Day parade took place at 11:00 am on the Memorial Sunday at the Old Parish Church of Irvine, and the memorial process took place behind the door of the church.

“I would like to politely remind the responsible person that the service of memory is for all people of faith, not for anyone. In addition, it takes place at the designated War Memorial, which is done. It takes place critically nationwide and beyond in “11 hours”.

“We would be very grateful if our memory in Irvine could comply with the national protocol and timing required for this event.”

David Whitelaw of Session Clark said:

“The service will start at 10:45 am and will be attended by the council and all citizens’ organizations. The silence will take place at 11:00 am. The service will always be led by the Minister of Irvine Old.

“After the events of November 14, I spoke with members of a local priest and confirmed that no one was invited to lead a memorial service at the War Memorial.”

He continued. “As a session clerk, I wrote to Provost and met with him and all stakeholders to prevent a similar situation in 2022.”

Irvine: Remembrance Sunday organisers to meet to resolve issues Source link Irvine: Remembrance Sunday organisers to meet to resolve issues

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