Irvine News Blog | The City of Irvine and South Coast Chinese Cultural Center partner to offer We Are Irvine, a Living Resource Guide Series

Irvine, CA (August 4, 2021): In commemoration of the city’s 50th anniversary, the city of Irvine and the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center (SCCCC) are working together as part of the city’s diversity, fairness and inclusiveness initiative. We are Irvine: Chinese-A Series of Life Resources Guides for Irvine Newcomers. A joint effort between the city and SCCCC highlights lessons learned from Chinese-American immigrants and Irvine residents, and new residents by minimizing language barriers, misunderstandings, or other unknown concerns. Supports.

On January 26, 2021, the Irvine City Council passed a resolution reaffirming Irvine’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusiveness within the community and established the Diversity, Equity and Comprehensive Commission. .. We Are Irvine: The Living Resource Guide Series is just one of the measures aimed at promoting the city’s commitment to diversity, fairness and community participation.

These lectures also help prepare residents and efficiently navigate and connect the city’s resources.

“This project aims to help new residents adapt to the new environment while becoming familiar with local governments and police,” said Mayor Farrah N. Khan. “My ultimate hope is that all residents feel they are an integral part of the Irvine community. Seeing the goals of diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives come true, I I’m excited. “

In this series of lectures, the South Coast China Cultural Center will introduce residents to valuable city resources in a culturally appropriate way. This project will allow new residents to retain and respect their own valuable cultural practices, while at the same time taking a legitimately receptive attitude and integrating them into their new culture and lifestyle. Encourage you to be open-minded.

The We Are Irvine Lecture Series is held monthly at the South Coast Chinese Cultural Center from 6 pm to 8 pm. The lecture series will be announced in Mandarin and will begin on August 26th. The series includes nine lectures covering some important life aspects such as cultural customs, law, city regulation, education system, mental health, childcare support, life and personal safety. And taxes and insurance. Individuals or groups (family, businesses, teams, etc.) can enroll in the series by completing the online registration form.

Lecture 1: Safety is everyone’s job: police resources, personal safety and crime prevention
Target content: Personal safety practices. Driving and Road Safety; Description of General Police Resources.Crime prevention

Lecture 2: My disaster-resistant home: Education of experts on the safety of home appliances, water, fire and electricity
Targets: Disaster prevention and preparation; Understanding of home appliances and utilities; Understanding of emergency evacuation plans for cities and individuals.

Lecture 3: Safe Life: Tools to Protect Me Most
Target content: Home safety and security system. Alert patrol program; Hate crimes and incident reports; How to inform and stay in touch with Irvine police.

Lecture 4: From the beginning: Irvine municipality coding and proprietary regulations
Target: Irvine City Features; What is Irvine’s unique city code? Which code is relevant to the homeowner, renter or landlord? HOA and asset management concepts and roles. Various urban resources provided to residents.

Lecture 5: Quiet Storm: Mental Health of You and Your Family in a New Culture — Fighting Psychological Challenges and Domestic Violence
Target: Mental health is neither a curse nor a taboo at the dinner table. Domestic violence is not a gender prejudice or an acceptable crime. Why does a happy wife mean a happy life?

Lecture 6: Burp or not-Cultural differences in the New World
Target content: Basic etiquette. New cultural values.

Lecture 7: Pre-Expected Education: Crash Courses in the American Public School System, the Realities of American Education, and University Applications.
Target content: American school system. Education System Values; Parental Challenges; Preliminary Studies / Higher Education; Future Career Choices.

Lecture 8: Covering Everything: The Importance of Insurance in American Life
Target content: American medical insurance system. Tax filing and retirement life; different types of insurance in everyday life.

Lecture 9: Connection: Stay in touch with local governments through technology
Coverage: Technologies that residents can use to request services, send requests and inquiries, and otherwise maintain a connection with the city of Irvine.

For more information on the Irvine City WeAre Irvine campaign, please visit WeAreIrvine.org.

Irvine News Blog | The City of Irvine and South Coast Chinese Cultural Center partner to offer We Are Irvine, a Living Resource Guide Series Source link Irvine News Blog | The City of Irvine and South Coast Chinese Cultural Center partner to offer We Are Irvine, a Living Resource Guide Series

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