Irvine Magnum: Photos taken during demolition four years ago

If you were of a certain age, Irvine’s Magnum Center would have been a solid staple food during your formation.

The leisure center on the green behind Irvine’s riverside was a fun warehouse when growing up in Ayrshire.

From ice skating to indoor lawn bowls, from swimming in the rapids of the river to freezing your head in the outdoor pool, the memories of the legendary center are engraved in your brain.

And don’t forget our people who were brave enough to try the waterways. The iconic space bowl (a clue to the name) is what many Ayrshire kids have introduced to the pain after being randomly spit out of that “bowl” and hoping for the best.

Magnum was demolished four years ago this week and replaced with grass.It’s hard to imagine a building like the Magnum once stood there, but thanks to the urban exploration, the Times have access to some of the final photos taken inside the building. Discovery unknown UK..

The duo, who remain unknown due to the nature of the expedition, managed to access the center on the final day of dismantling.

They say: “The children were so damaging that we had access to the pool and ice rink before the guards arrived.

“It is very important for us to take these pictures because these old buildings are very important to the community and its memory.”

Irvine Times:

If it goes to a black box theater punt, or if you try to badger your parents to take a soft play shot of a powerful monster just to find out that it’s an inch too short (only me?) Memories of, Irvine’s Magnum is alive.

What are your memories of Magnum? Do you have a photo of the store when it opened?

Irvine Magnum: Photos taken during demolition four years ago Source link Irvine Magnum: Photos taken during demolition four years ago

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