Irvine high flats demolition: Work to start next week

The first steps to demolish high-rise apartments on the banks of the Irvine River will begin in a few days.

Contractors will begin work on site on Monday, August 1 to prepare for the first phase of a year-long program to safely demolish the five 14-storey towers.

Once the demolition is complete, work will begin on the construction of more than 50 modern, affordable and energy-efficient townhouses.

Councilor Scott Davidson, cabinet member for North Ayrshire Council, said: “This is one of the biggest housing regeneration projects we have ever undertaken and will see the complete transformation of an important location in Irvine.

“Like other parts of the country, we are moving away from high-rises to give people a better quality of life.

“While they have served us well for over 50 years, it was clear that we needed to look at the future of our tower blocks, and the tenants in Irvine agreed that they had to go.

“Relocating 275 households into homes has been huge, but the process is complete and we can look forward to the next phase.

“Once complete, the new residential development will really help transform the Fullarton area by bringing energy efficient, modern homes to the site.”

Currently, contractors plan to begin preparations for the gradual dismantling of the five units, the concierge station and the locks.

For the first eight months or so, workers will tackle the interior of the units before the buildings begin to be demolished using high-speed demolition excavators in the spring or summer of next year.

Residents of nearby towns in Fullarton have been warned that any demolition work will use the water supply to minimize potential dust.

Residents are also informed that the area will be fenced and secured to prevent access during the works.

The decision to breathe new life into the Fullarton block of flats was made back in 2018 after 66 per cent of tenants voted to demolish it.

A similar vote for the two Saltcoats towers saw tenants vote to keep the buildings and they are undergoing major improvements.

Irvine high flats demolition: Work to start next week Source link Irvine high flats demolition: Work to start next week

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