Irvine Health: Review says £20m needed for GP surgeries

A review of medical and social services in Ayrshire has warned that it will take more than £ 20 million to bring the practices of therapists in Irvine and Kilwining up to acceptable standards.

A review of the Caring for Ayrshire (CFA) program states that one particular building in Irvine requires “urgent” attention because in its current state it poses “operational risk”.

The report says the Frew Terrace’s practical building needs immediate attention, saying it is “not fit for purpose in the future” and lacks space.

It also states that the Townhead Surgery building lacks a number of statutory items, including toilets for the disabled.

Buildings in Dundonald, Townhead, Belot Road and Kiln-Wok have been described as rooms that could be booked, unfit for destination.

Oxenward’s practice at Kilving, located in the former pub, was described as an operational risk and an “inappropriate” platform for modern services, and the building of Kilving’s medical practice was described as a “limited future”.

The report shows that the “assessment of options” for the replacement of the Frew Terrace and Oxenward buildings began in December, and that the planned new facilities are due to be commissioned by October 2023.

It is estimated that this work costs less than £ 5 million, with all funding coming from the NHS.

While other Irwin and Kilwining practices were highlighted in the second phase, this means they need to be addressed within the next one to five years.

Work on a similar option to evaluate a new center to support operations in Irvine and Kilwining with a potential cost of more than £ 20 million is due to begin this month and is expected to be completed by April 2025.

Ayrshire Care is a 10-year program in partnership between the North Ayrshire Council, NHS Ayrshire and Arran and three Ayrshire Health and Social Services (HSCP) partnerships to redesign their delivery of local health and services.

The report was designed to assess the need for improvement in North Ayrshire’s current local health care.

In total, Irwin and Kilwining serve more than 77,000 patients.

Irvine Health: Review says £20m needed for GP surgeries Source link Irvine Health: Review says £20m needed for GP surgeries

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