Irvine Crime: David Lammie found woman’s card and used it

The SPRINGSIDE man was put in a cage for fraudulently using a woman’s debit card after finding her at Irvine’s supermarket.

25-year-old David Alan Lamy appeared for sentencing last week, pleading guilty to fraud, theft and breach of bail.

A guilty plea on five other charges on the complaint was accepted – with Lammy also warned on two separate issues: shouting and swearing on Adams Avenue, Saltcoats back in 2020 and breach of bail.

Lamy confessed to stealing the card without trying to identify the real owner, finding it on Aldi East Road, Irwin on July 22 last year.

He then used the card at an automated cash register to fraudulently obtain clothing, shoes and a lighter worth £ 78.96.

Court documents allege that Lamy committed these crimes while on bail issued by the Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court on August 6, 2020.

Lamy also pleaded guilty to stealing September 13 quantities of meat from a co-op store in Townfoot, Draghorn.

Lami later struck again at the M&S grocery store in Riverway Retail Park, stealing more meat on September 17, 2021 – before striking the Dreghorn Cooperative again to steal more in the same month, and another charge of stealing food from of the same store in October.

These crimes were committed on bail, issued on August 6, August 9, September 28 and October 19, 2021 in Kilmarnock Sheriff’s Court.

Lamy also admitted that he was not at his address on Croft Terrace, Springside, between 7pm and 7am on October 29, and admitted that on October 29 he was charged with violating his bail order to stay at this address Nov. 13.

On Monday, May 23, Lammy was jailed for 12 weeks when he returned to court for sentencing – in closed court with other defendants and without the press.

The clerks confirmed that this was due to the fact that Lamy was faced with a separate order for drug treatment.

Irvine Crime: David Lammie found woman’s card and used it Source link Irvine Crime: David Lammie found woman’s card and used it

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