Irvine: Abbeyfield House rated in top 2% of care homes

Abbeyfield House, a care home on Kilving Road, Irvine, was ranked among the top two percent in Scotland in the “league table” of nursing homes by The Times.

The report focused on home care standards, especially on the health, well-being, safety and quality of life of residents.

It was emphasized that everyone has the right to quality, charitable assistance that meets his needs and respects his rights.

14th out of 800 nursing homes ranked Abbeyfield House in Irvine, the highest in North Ayrshire and ranked in the top two percent in the country.

This is a well-deserved recognition for home staff who have worked tirelessly for years, including an extremely difficult time for the sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Trisha Morrison, head of division at Abbeyfield, commented: “It raises awareness, I think care homes in general, they were in the public eye, but not individual homes.

“If you hear about one bad report, we’re all painted with the same brush, but maybe now that Covid isn’t going to cover it up and people will see that we’re all separate.”

She added how nice it was not only for the staff of the house, but also for those who have relatives.

Trisia added: “Relatives are very pleased to see that the choice they made was the right one.”

She also noted how difficult things became during the pandemic and how well her staff adapted.

She continued: “My employees already know what I think of them because they are the best in the business.

“At first it was very difficult because some residents did not really understand why relatives do not come.

“Physically, all the residents were in their room, all the activities as well as the social and emotional side had to be held in each room.

“Each person had to be dealt with individually. It can be quite emotional for the staff as well. ”

All Abbeyfield staff are also looking forward to the opportunity to hold a fundraiser in the garden at Marymass as this year’s festival returns again properly.

“We hope to see everyone

on Marimas, ”concluded Tritia.

Irvine: Abbeyfield House rated in top 2% of care homes Source link Irvine: Abbeyfield House rated in top 2% of care homes

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