iPhone 13 is missing 5 useful features you can get on Android phones

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Apple has given iPhone owners a lot of excitement iPhone 13, From the new cinematic video mode Longer battery life And additional storage space. However, there are still some useful features that Apple phones lack compared to Android competitors. Samsung Galaxy S21..

For example, many Android smartphones have a borderless screen with a notch-free design and a fingerprint sensor built into the display. These features aren’t new either, and have been available on some Android phones for years.

That said, the iPhone has come a long way in the last two years.In front of the iPhone 13 debuts, NS iPhone 11 When iPhone 12 We’ve gained features that were previously only available on Android devices, such as 5G support, entry-level phone OLED display technology, and camera night mode.

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What is still missing in iPhone 13


Your phone preference may depend on whether you prefer iOS or Android, rather than a specific feature. Anyway, there are still some ways the iPhone wants to catch up with Android.

Notchless design


OnePlus 9 has a bezelless screen with no notches.

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The iPhone 13 notch isn’t as wide as the iPhone 12 notch, but it does exist. On the other hand, many Android device makers have designed screens with almost invisible camera cutouts to make the front of the phone feel like a seamless glass plate.

For example, Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphone has a small hole for the camera near the top of the display, and since the Galaxy S10 was launched in 2019, it has implemented a similar design on its flagship devices. Google Pixel 5a And that OnePlus 9..

However, there may be good reason for the iPhone notch to be larger than the cutouts on Samsung phones and other Android devices. The iPhone notch isn’t just about selfie cameras. It’s also where the sensors that enhance Apple’s Face ID face recognition feature are located. Face ID is generally Prior to competition When Safer..

A screen that allows you to display the time and calendar schedule even when you are sleeping


If you’re willing to pay the price of battery life, Xiaomi has a always-on display feature.

Sareena Dayaram / CNET

When you turn off the iPhone display, the phone turns into an idle black rectangle. However, many modern Android smartphones can display information such as time and calendar events even when the screen is in sleep mode. Device makers such as Samsung, Google, and Xiaomi have all released phones with always-on displays.

This is useful if you want to quickly check the time or view the next meeting without having to pick up the phone and get distracted.

Ability to charge other devices when not near an outlet


This feature allows you to charge your Galaxy Buds and Galaxy Watch with your Note 10.

Sarah Tu

Many people have a habit of charging their mobile phones all night. However, if you have a smartwatch or wireless earphones, you may have forgotten to connect them at least once.

Android smartphones such as Samsung’s Galaxy S21 and Google’s Pixel 5 and older Galaxy smartphones such as the S20 and S10 have features that can help in this situation. Samsung calls it wireless power share and Google calls it battery share, but they do essentially the same thing. The back of these devices acts as a wireless charging pad for products that are compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard found on most modern phones and accessories.

Apple didn’t mention this feature at the iPhone 13 launch event on Tuesday, so it can be inferred that its latest smartphones don’t support this feature. However, there were some previous hints that Apple is at least considering introducing such a technology to the iPhone. In October 2020, the FCC’s filings surfaced, suggesting the following: The iPhone 12 was capable of reverse wireless charging, You may turn on your AirPods on the go.

In-screen fingerprint sensor to unlock your smartphone


Face ID works fine most of the time, but it doesn’t work while wearing a mask.If you are an iPhone owner No Apple WatchYou may miss the old days when you could put your thumb on the home button to unlock your iPhone.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t change with the iPhone 13. Meanwhile, Android phone makers such as Samsung and OnePlus are taking a different approach.Samsung has since incorporated a fingerprint scanner into the display of its Galaxy S phone Galaxy S10 released in 2019.. There is also a fingerprint reader integrated into the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro screens.

Charger that works on non-Mac and non-Apple devices


iPhone 13 still uses the Lightning cable for charging.

Sarah Tew / CNET

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use the same charger to power your iPhone and Mac? Don’t disappoint.

The iPhone 13, like all iPhone 5 and later models, includes Apple’s own Lightning port for charging. You can also use Apple’s MagSafe charger or a standard Qi wireless charger to charge your iPhone 13, but you’ll need to use Lightning to connect.

I’m sorry iPhone does not support USB-C, Apple’s iPad Air, iPad Pro, MacBook Laptop, and Brand new iPad Mini.. Powering all your devices with one type of charger is exactly the type of simplicity I’m looking for in Apple.

USB-C is a well-established charging standard for Android devices, whether purchased from Samsung, OnePlus, Google, or Motorola. Needless to say, these included USB-C cables are much more popular and convenient than the iPhone because they can be used with other devices and accessories.

It’s unclear if USB-C will appear on the iPhone. Apple is a port-free iPhone and its MagSafe The charging system certainly seems to be a step in that direction.

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iPhone 13 is missing 5 useful features you can get on Android phones Source link iPhone 13 is missing 5 useful features you can get on Android phones

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