Interfaith Council responds to racist vandalism at EG restaurant | News

Last week, the Elk Grove Pagan Council responded to a racist vandalism that occurred on December 17 at a Japanese restaurant in the Sheldon area.

An anti-Asian slur was written in large letters on the front entrance of the Umai Bar & Grill on Grantline Road.

Video shot by a business security camera led to the arrest of a 43-year-old suspect from Elk Grove.

In a letter to the Elk Grove community and its surroundings, Mark Janson, president of the Elk Grove Pagan Council, shared the council’s unified position on this racist vandalism.

“As members of the board of directors of the Elk Grove Pagan Council, we unilaterally oppose the vandalism and hatred incident (at this restaurant) on December 17,” he wrote. I will.

“Our goal and pledge is to” cooperate and build a fair and compassionate society. ” Overcoming all forms of racism and religious prejudice through service, education, and the discovery of a common foundation. “

Council hosting virtual prayer prayers

As part of Jansson’s letter, he invited citizens to join his council in their 30-minute prayer prayers.

“The theme is perfect: Unity,” Janson said at the end of the letter.

The upcoming virtual prayer event is the second such monthly prayer prayer presented by the council. The first prayer prayer on the theme of peace and prosperity was held on December 11th.

Janson explained the purpose of these prayer devoted people.

“The idea to keep in mind is that whenever we can bring people together and talk about inspirational things in prayer, we can build something like brotherhood among them.” He said.

“It looks like a difference, but we are all the same. We value ourselves, our families, our loved ones, our children, our communities. “

In the preparation of devoted people in their prayers, the council works to bring people from as many different religious backgrounds as possible in order for them to participate in spiritual thoughts and prayers.

Jansson said the council hopes that these prayer devotees will serve as inspiration for thinking through feelings of fear, doubt, and anger that people may be experiencing.

He added that the council wants many people in the community to attend prayer events at Zoom.

“We look forward to expanding the opportunity (to attend this event on January 8th) to a community where people can listen to and feel the concerns and prayers of all Elk Grove religious groups. “I’m doing it,” said Janson.

For more information on the Elk Grove Pagan Council and the online event on January 8th, please visit our Facebook page (www.Facebook.com/ElkGroveInterfaith).

Interfaith Council responds to racist vandalism at EG restaurant | News Source link Interfaith Council responds to racist vandalism at EG restaurant | News

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