Inside Kanye West’s secretive Donda Academy

Kanye West Fans can now take a look inside the rapper’s mysterious Donda Academy in an exclusive photo obtained by The US Sun.

In addition to the $15,000 annual tuition, students’ families are reportedly required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. easy.


Fans can take a look inside Kanye West’s Donda Academy in CaliforniaCredit: Getty Images – Getty
Aerial photographs of schools in Simi Valley were obtained exclusively by the US Sun.


Aerial photographs of schools in Simi Valley were obtained exclusively by the US Sun.Credit: Rex


Donda Academy hopes to produce “the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators”Credit: Rex


Students are reportedly learning the free-running exercise parkour as part of their curriculumCredit: Rex


The Donda Academy students were said to be the children of Kanye West’s powerful colleaguesCredit: Rex


Kanye’s school was named after his later mother, Donda.Credit: Rex

Aerial photos have revealed Kanye’s Donda Academy in Simi Valley. CaliforniaIt will open on November 18, 2021, according to. California Department of Education (CDE).

This secretive school, which reportedly requires parents to sign an NDA and pay thousands of dollars a year, is located in a quiet part of Tierra Rejada Road.

Named after Kanye’s beloved mother, Donda, the California Academy aims to create “a new generation of leaders,” according to its mission statement.

Earlier this month, Kanye took to Instagram to tease a photo of a student wearing a uniform made up of designs by rappers Easy and Gap.

He also revealed on social media that his four children are Kim Kardashian did not attend his new academy.[two] A few days at one school, three days at another. ”

Donda’s student’s family was obliged to sign a non-disclosure agreement, according to two sources cited by . rolling stone – but a school consultant described this as an “informal agreement.”

A third source reportedly told the magazine that he had been instructed not to talk about the school.

Donda Academy consultant Tamar Andrews, who has 20 years of experience in early childhood programs, told Rolling Stone:

“People who want to attend this school are looking for a good Christian school in the area and they know we are there,” Andrews said.

“Being affiliated with Donda also has a certain notoriety. So I don’t know I have to advertise. It’s a blessing and a curse.”

Listed on the CDE website as a private elementary school operating within the Simi Valley Unified School District, it serves children ages 5 to 18.

Donda, which caters to students ages 5 to 18 and accepts 12 children per class, is not yet certified, Rolling Stone reports.

The outlet also reported that Donda Academy is considering hiring a teacher for the end of the school year.

People who want to come to school are looking for good Christian schools in their area.

Tamar Andrews

A student’s schedule at a private Christian school includes:[Full] school worship; core classes in language, mathematics, and science; lunch and rest; world languages, visual arts, cinema, [and] Choir. “

Students are reportedly taught parkour, a free-movement technique involving running, climbing and bouncing over obstacle courses, as part of physical education.

The school’s mission statement states that its goal is to produce “the next generation of leaders, thinkers and innovators.”

It wants children to “provide a world-class education that includes a rigorous core curriculum, with a strong focus on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving.”

According to the statement, it aims to do this “with an ethic of honesty and care.”

School Rule #58 site “Writing should be viewed as an activity that requires critical thinking, which is a fundamental aspect of all good writing.”

However, the CDE says “Information Missing” in the Education Program Types section.

Tuition is set at $15,000 a year, but many students enrolled at the school reportedly receive financial support from the school in the form of scholarships. daily mail.

Donda’s website states that “anyone can apply, regardless of financial situation.”

extracurricular activities

After Kanye’s popular Sunday service went viral, the school’s coveted choir program is one of the primary incentives for children to attend, according to the email.

Students will also reportedly take food science classes as part of the curriculum.

A source told the publication that the school’s culinary department is focused on “high-concept coffee, tea and fruit-focused beverages for children, parents and faculty.”

The school even has its own basketball team called the Donda Doves.

Kanye’s associate and producer Malik Youssef said the students at the school were the children of his famous colleague.

“I want to stress that Kanye West has never been unwilling to do this,” Youssef told Rolling Stone, adding that he didn’t think people understood “the gravity of it.”

He said Kanye always wanted to create such a school in honor of his late mother.

“Look what we’re doing with choirs and school fashion. No one has a clearer vision of what a venture capitalist or what education can be like for you.” I think,” Youssef added.

According to the magazine, Kanye plans to open schools across the country.


Kanye reportedly wants to open schools across the countryCredit: Rex


Students studying food science wearing uniforms from the Yeezy fashion lineCredit: Rex Inside Kanye West’s secretive Donda Academy

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