In Rams-Packers, Aaron Donald returns to scene of the crying – Press Telegram

Thousand Oaks — When Aaron Donald last saw Lambo Field, it was tears.

Donald shined his eyes as the Green Bay Packers won 32-18 in the second round of the NFC playoffs last January and stood on the sideline as the Rams season was ticking. I was comforted by Mate.

Playing half of Rams’ defensive snaps and tackling only once due to a rib injury a week ago was just one factor in Donald’s frustration. Losing another shot in the Super Bowl was upset enough.

“I just care,” Donald said this week about what those tears mean. “That’s what you care about, after all.”

Defensive harness wanted to talk about his return to Lambofield this Sunday when Rams (7-3) played against Packers (8-3). The three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year didn’t want to be upset last year.

But Donald said he was very motivated by the game because of what happened in the game.

“Many things motivate me, but you can say so, yes,” he said.

Packers coach Matt LaFleur could only answer jokingly when he heard that Donald might have a new level of motivation.

“I want to cry,” La Fleur said Thursday in a zoom session with Green Bay and LA reporters.

Donald and Rams have good shots for revenge.

Despite losing to the Tennessee Titans and San Francisco 49ers before last week’s bye-bye, the Rams are a better team than the team that lost to the Packers as a seven-point underdog in the division round, and Matthew Stafford is a painful alternative. I’m in the quarterback-after missing the match due to a knee injury, Jared Goff and league-leading wide receiver Cooper Kupp are in good health.

Better as Packers quarterback Aaron Donald is not expected to deal with a broken left toe and play and guard Elgton Jenkins (knee) in reserve for David Bakhtiari’s injured knee. Moved Rams from Tuesday’s One-Point Underdog to One-Point Underdog-Thursday’s Point Favorite.

If edge rusher Leonard Floyd plays after a concussion after the 49ers match and linebacker Von Miller gets more attention from blockers in the second Rams match, Donald has a chance to put pressure on the Rogers. You can expect it.

According to the NFL, this will be the first game to feature the most valuable players quarterbacks and defensive players of the year since 2011.

“I want to do it anytime after the quarterback,” said Donald, who has six sack this season. “But when I watch him in the movie, he doesn’t look like he’s injured on his toes. So I don’t really believe it. He’s playing good football.”

The question may be whether winning the regular season can revenge the defeat of the playoffs. Donald rested it by talking about how important this game is to Rams, who is aiming for his first victory over .500 since defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in September.

“I feel like I had to take part in this game because I thought it was a playoff game,” said Donald, who declared “100% healthy.” “So I think this week is an important week for us. We’re playing for something. So we got out there and made it happen.”

Donald remembers failing to contribute to the playoff game on January 16th last year. However, the coach sees his attempt to play as a measure of his splendor.

“If Aaron Donald didn’t play another snap now, he would be a Hall of Fame player,” Rams coach Sean McVay said this week. “He’s all about the right thing. He wants to win. He wants to do everything to help this team help their teammates and make them collectively successful. ..

In Rams-Packers, Aaron Donald returns to scene of the crying – Press Telegram Source link In Rams-Packers, Aaron Donald returns to scene of the crying – Press Telegram

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