In 2nd season, Landon Donovan has high hopes for San Diego Loyal SC

San Diego – American football legend Landon Donovan learned a lot in the first campaign of the San Diego Royal SC.

He hopes to make the right changes this year to move the team forward.

“I made a lot of mistakes-that’s for sure,” Donovan said. “When you do this for the first time, there is really only one way to learn. It’s about doing it and making mistakes.”

Team co-owner and manager Donovan said one of these changes included conducting due diligence to find players that fit the team’s culture. The team added four new players during the off-season, including forward Corey Herzog and defender Thomas Vang Kaisile, and three players from the 2020 team signed elsewhere.

Recently, Royal Inked four local players on USL Academy contractAllows teenagers to maintain their NCAA qualifications.

“If they’re just jerks, no player is talented enough to sign them,” Donovan said. “That’s first and foremost. I’m very lucky in my life to be able to play for a long time. (I) I’m in a situation in my life where I don’t have to do this. I’m this So I don’t want to be around people who have negative energies.

“We spend a lot of time hiring the type of people we need here.”

What can fans expect from Donovan’s club this season? He said he wanted to further refine the team’s tempo and pace to control the game.

“Often in sports, just rolling out the ball tells you who will win and who will play several times,” he said. “It’s certainly one way to approach the game, but we want to control the game and get into the game knowing that the game looks what we want.”

He continues. “It doesn’t mean we always win, because other teams have good players and some teams have the identities they are trying to impose, but we play our game. I want to impose will and identity. Generally speaking, doing it in an effective way gives you a really good chance of winning the game. “

Donovan has set a record of 6-5-5 and believes that the sky is the limit for this team. He was ready to dive into the season and enthusiastically said his team was ready to take on whatever the year came.

“No team in this league can say they can’t win when they’re playing best,” he said.

Watch live game of San Diego Royal challenging Rio Grande Valley FC Toros on Thursday at 5pm Here..

In 2nd season, Landon Donovan has high hopes for San Diego Loyal SC Source link In 2nd season, Landon Donovan has high hopes for San Diego Loyal SC

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