Impeach Clarence Thomas: Petition Seeks to Restore Legitimacy to Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court has lost much of its legitimacy.

As part of the Board the facility has been deceived. Many blame Donald Trump.

No all the culprits are the appointments of a rebel and disgraced former president.

Clarence Thomas is eager roll back more human rights. Between it and his sad wife’s involvement on January 6, people want to prosecute him.

Supreme Court judges are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate.

It is a lifelong meeting.

There are only a few ways to end a lifetime appointment. The simplest is for the sitting judge to resign or retire.

This is exactly what the hundreds of thousands of petitioners hope Clarence Thomas will do.

Millions of other Americans who have not signed the petition or even heard of it want the same.

However, unlike countless shade experts and democratic leadership, no one expects Thomas to do the right thing.

The MoveOn petition calls on Clarence Thomas to resign – or to be accused by the U.S. Congress.

Public prosecution is another way to dismiss a sitting Supreme Court judge.

However, public prosecutions are relatively rare in the judiciary, and there has been only one SCOTUS indictment in history.

Samuel Chase was charged in 1804 with political prejudice that led to arbitrary and oppressive activity.

However, he was acquitted in 1805 and continued on the service bench until his death in 1811.

Even if Congress somehow gathered the unlikely courage to prosecute, would it become anything?

Probably not.

Reckless partisans in Congress, who feared they would be too much of a priority for Trump’s loyalists, now protected the disgraced former president from both charges.

But then it was important to hold Trump accountable. It is important to hold Thomas accountable now.

Donald Trump makes a faceDonald Trump makes a face
Donald Trump makes a pretty face in this picture. That’s for sure, isn’t it?!?

At present, SCOTUS represents a clear and present danger to the people of the United States of America.

Repeal of human rights by Roe v. Wade. Abolition of voting rights. Limitation of EPA Power. Everything except the deletion of the founding clause.

If foreign power endangered so many Americans on American soil, that nation would face disaster.

But Thomas is not new to the court. He has haunted SCOTUS like a bad dream for decades.

In fact, the court has had a conservative majority for several years.

So what has changed?

Brett KavanaughBrett Kavanaugh
Brett Kavanaugh is a candidate for the Supreme Court. But not everyone sees him as a valuable candidate.

What has changed is that the far right now makes up a third of that once in August.

They were chosen by the Federalist Society and Mitch McConnell as the worst in the U.S. justice system.

The primary goal was simply to dismantle human rights as we know them in America. And it works.

Thomas has expressed his almost happy desire to overturn even more important human rights cases.

According to his custom, he would like to annul marriage in addition to equality that states can openly discriminate against same-sex relationships.

Thomas’s open desire to do so builds so much on his removal.

However, another important factor is mentioned in the petition: Ginni Thomas.

There is ample evidence of Ginn’s involvement in the tragic and rebellious events of January 6, 2021.

While Clarence Thomas is not responsible for his wife’s behavior, it is must be part of the conversation.

Removing Clarence Thomas from SCOTUS does not automatically undo his catastrophic decisions.

Nor does it remove the three judges appointed by Trump whose presence dangerously undermines the legitimacy of the court.

Is removing Thomas right? Will the court be extended? Both? Whatever the answer, POTUS and Congress must do something.

Impeach Clarence Thomas: Petition Seeks to Restore Legitimacy to Supreme Court Source link Impeach Clarence Thomas: Petition Seeks to Restore Legitimacy to Supreme Court

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