‘I’m very, very grateful’: Searchers react to arrest of Larry Millete

Chula Vista, CA — Members of the community who have been enthusiastically searching for Chula Vista’s mother since disappearing in January are reacting after police Arrested her husband On suspicion of murder.

Investigator and family friend Melissa Nunez spoke to FOX5 in front of Milete’s house shortly after news of the arrest.

“There are many,” she said. “It’s so emotional, you don’t even know what to do with the fact that they just arrested him.”

Nunez said he had just hung up with Maya’s sister-in-law and brother when he learned of Larry’s arrest.

“We were talking about something else, and when we hung up, she called me and said,’They are arresting him.’ She started crying and I started crying. “

Nunez said it is now “almost free rule” to find Maya, who has been missing since January 7, when she disappeared from her family’s home in Paseolos Gatos, Chula Vista.Her husband Was the only person of interest nominated by the police in the case..

“We’re always nervous about him trying to stop us or changing gear,” she said. “Now he can’t. He can’t do it anymore.”

Mr Nunez said he was “excited” about the potential of the arrest in the case of Maya.

“He knew where she was and he would break,” she said. “He will talk to us.”

Throughout the investigation leading up to the arrest, Nunez stated that her main concern was with her children.

“I had just seen Josh Powell’s case and that was my greatest horror,” she said. “And when he stopped talking to them, I had seen people like him and I was very nervous because they weren’t safe. Those kids weren’t safe. So when he served as a lawyer, it really scared us all. “

Another woman who participated in Maya’s search also spoke to FOX5 on Tuesday.

“It’s very frustrating to have to silence the investigation as the typical missing case progresses, but at the same time, all the answers available to allow you to move in the direction you can go. I just want it, “Shannon said, participating in the search in March. “It’s very frustrating for families and searchers to wait for little information like looking for a needle in a haystack.”

When asked if she thought she would reach this point when the incident happened, Shannon said she didn’t expect it.

“I thought we were far from it,” she said. “That is, in the depths of our hearts, we all want. I hope they are really, really, working towards something. There is a good reason for all silence. I hope. I didn’t expect this. I am very, very grateful. “

‘I’m very, very grateful’: Searchers react to arrest of Larry Millete Source link ‘I’m very, very grateful’: Searchers react to arrest of Larry Millete

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