I’m a teacher called the hottest mom in the world – everyone will be shocked when they find out how old I am

One teacher, who has been called the hottest mom in the world, said everyone was stunned when they found out her age.

San Francisco native Jolene Diaz, 45, became Instagram famous after striking people with her youthful looks.


Jolene Diaz became Instagram famous after stunning people with her youthful looksCredit: Instagram
Single mom slips young man into private message


Single mom slips young man into private messageCredit: Instagram

she and her daughter often be mistaken for sisters Despite the age difference of 23 years.

Single mothers regularly slip young men into private messages.

With 639,000 followers on Instagram, Jolene often shares tips and tricks for maintaining a youthful look.

She put her youthful glow into a good old-fashioned clean life and started taking care of her skin when she was 12 or 13, she said.

However, people still can’t believe how old she really is.

One follower commented, “You mean your whole family doesn’t age? That’s crazy.”

Another said, “I will never understand how you are 45.”

The third wrote, “Are you a mother or a daughter?”

Others said she was “born in the wrong generation.”

talk fox newsJolene revealed how she grew up as a tomboy, how she’s coping with her newfound fame, and why being an elementary school teacher helps .

Describing how it all started, she said: [when] My daughter posted this social media video that all the kids were doing about their hot mom.

“I think that’s where the name started.”

She was also quick to point out, “There are so many hot moms out there.”

And Jolene doesn’t stand for male suitors – many of her thousands of Instagram followers I often ask her out on dates.

She said: ‘I have a young man message me on my social media.

“Most of the messages are very polite and most are very commendable and positive that I promote a positive lifestyle.

“They do ask me out on dates, maybe for dinner or a hike, but I know this is just a curiosity and I’m not going to pursue any more than the stories they think of me.” I know.

“When a man younger than me asks me out on a date, I feel just as happy when a man my age or older asks me out.

“I think it takes a lot of courage to approach someone and ask them to meet one-on-one.

“I think some young men tend to fantasize a little more about what it’s like to date someone older. Men my age and older are more down-to-earth and enjoy the simple things in life.” I am looking for someone.”

https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/20613877/teacher-world-hottest-mom-shocked-age/ I’m a teacher called the hottest mom in the world – everyone will be shocked when they find out how old I am

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