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Less than half of the U.S. population is fully vaccinated COVID-19 — And as incidents increase, experts are urging a return to precautions reminiscent of the early days of the pandemic.

“Frankly, if you’re not currently vaccinated in the United States, you shouldn’t go to a bar and probably eat at a restaurant. The risk of getting infected is very high,” he said. Dr. Jonathan Reiner, CNN Medical Analyst, Professor of Medicine and Surgery at George Washington University, told CNN’s Fredricka Whitfield.

In 48 states, the proportion of new Covid-19 cases last week increased by at least 10% compared to the previous week, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. In 34 of these states, the proportion of new cases increased by more than 50%.

And the hospital is again full of Covid-19 patients except now, Patient is younger than before, The doctor said Alabama, Mississippi, Florida When Missouri.

Only 49.1% of the US population is vaccinated, despite the encouragement of many officials and experts warning that the best protection from the virus comes from vaccination. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If a large number of people remain resistant to vaccination, the United States has two options to control its spread, Reiner said.

“The only way to mask unvaccinated people is to mask everyone,” Reiner said.

Masking like vaccination can come from the mission of state leaders, but Dr. William Schaffner, a professor of infectious diseases at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, said the push to return to preventive measures was with local officials. He said he expects more success if he comes from trusted community leaders.

And for those who say that vaccination is a personal choice, Schaffner said they were half right.

“This is a bit like driving at a red light. Yes, it’s your decision and you endanger you, but others also endanger you,” Schaffner said.

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Delta variants increase the need for precautionary measures

Part of the urgency of controlling spread and implementing preventative measures is due to the spread of delta mutants, which are thought to be more contagious than other strains of the virus.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, the CDC said that people who were indoors and unmasked for more than 15 minutes were in close contact,” said President Joe Biden, a member of the Transition Covid-19 Advisory Board. Said Dr. Celine Gowner, who served as. In an interview with STAT announced on Friday. “The equivalent time for the delta variant is 1 second instead of 15 minutes.”

Gonder, an infectious disease specialist at New York University’s Grossman School of Medicine, said people may need to do more than one thing to protect themselves from more contagious mutations.

In addition to vaccination, “Some of the other layers we should consider will mask indoors when you are outside the foam of the house and optimize the ventilation of the house-your windows. Just open it and it really works, “she said.

People need to think in terms of how much virus is present in the air and how long they may be in contact with the air containing the virus.

“So if you’re indoors, unless you open the window and do something like that, the dilution of the air isn’t that much. When you’re outdoors, it’s diluted almost indefinitely. And outdoors, yours The risk is really low, “Gounder said.

As the delta variant spreads, infection and hospitalization rates increase.

In California, both San Diego County and Los Angeles County Maximum number of cases since February, And LA County hospitalization more than doubled in two weeks. Los Angeles County officials said on Sunday that hospitalizations exceeded 700 for the first time since March.

According to Florida state health data, the positive rate for new cases almost doubled in two weeks, from 7.8% in the week of July 2 to 15.1%.

A total of 870 inpatients were reported on Sunday in Alabama, according to state public health. Covid-19 dashboard.. Hospitalization has been steadily increasing since early July. On July 4, 213 inpatients were reported.

Louisiana currently has the highest number of cases per capita in the United States, state officials said Friday.

“We know that over 80% of these are delta variants, which is why this surge is due,” said Governor John Bel Edwards.

“And what makes the surge possible is the very low percentage of people who have been vaccinated.”

When an expert demands a vaccine obligation, one governor says he won’t do it

Vaccination rates are likely to increase if employers and schools need vaccines, Reiner and Schaffner said.

Former US surgeon General Jerome Adams said the same, adding that it wouldn’t happen until the vaccine was fully approved. US Food and Drug Administration.

“If you want a lot of people to get the vaccine really quickly, get a license for these vaccines,” Adams told CBS on Sunday. “And you’ll see the army mandate it, you’ll see companies mandate it.”

Each vaccine available in the United States has been approved by the FDA for emergency use, but has not yet been fully approved.

And Adams said the lack of full-scale approval contributed to the hesitation of the vaccine.

Whitehouse Coronavirus Coordinator Jeffrey Zients was asked on Sunday if he should consider mandating a vaccine, making it safe for municipalities and businesses, whether they need a vaccine or a negative Covid-19 test. He said he needed to consider a strategy that would allow him to get into their place.

However, the public knows that the FDA is “not succumbing to political pressure” because he wants the FDA to take the time to thoroughly review the application for approval.

If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, you shouldn’t go into a bar or restaurant, expert says – Press Enterprise Source link If you are not vaccinated against Covid-19, you shouldn’t go into a bar or restaurant, expert says – Press Enterprise

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