Idaho officer’s bulletproof vest helps her discover breast cancer

Meridian, Idaho (Kiwi)-In the United States, one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

by National Breast Cancer FoundationBreast cancer, with the exception of skin cancer, is the most common cancer in American women. By 2021, it is estimated that about 30% of all new cancer diagnoses in women will have breast cancer.

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In Idaho, Meridian police officer Erin Bustos was diagnosed with stage 2 grade 3 invasive ductal carcinoma in situ on March 5, 2021, shortly before her 30th birthday. The diagnosis was made after Bustos sought an answer to consistent pain in his right chest while wearing a department-issued bulletproof vest.

Her diagnosis was already unexpected, but even more shocking given that Bustos was an otherwise healthy young adult and had no history of breast cancer in her family.

“My world has turned over. It’s as if I’ve lost all the power I thought I had while lying at the table,” she said.

Fortunately, early detection prevented her aggressive cancer from spreading further.

Bustos was given more life-changing news before embarking on a series of chemotherapy treatments. If she wants to start her own family, she will need to be cleaned up and start IVF immediately.

“I started IVF the day after I first met the surgeon. The next day. I knew that chemotherapy killed a lot, but I didn’t know it would kill your eggs,” Bustos said. Said.

By the end of her cycle, she and her husband had a record amount of embryos at the fertility clinic and wrote in a Facebook post that there were 48 to 33 viable embryos. I will.

Search after in vitro fertilization

Erin Bustos

Bustos at a seemingly difficult time Tell KIVI If there was a blessing that came from this diagnosis, it was meeting with a genetic counselor following her recovery.

She learned what she has CHEK2 mutation Genes that may increase the risk of developing breast or colon cancer.

“I had the opportunity to test the embryos, so finding the news was actually very helpful,” Bustos said.

Despite the changes and pain associated with her diagnosis, Bustos hopes that her story will motivate other young women to be checked regularly.

“I wasn’t fortunate to be in this situation. Nobody wants cancer, but if that can do something positive, why not? I have a platform, There’s a voice, there’s a story, and as much as my story is painful to me, they can still help make someone else’s story a little easier later, “she said. Told.

As Bustos continues to share her story, the community is gathering around her to provide support wherever they can.

Meridian police Limited edition pink patch sale For $ 10 each, her medical expenses will be spent. Treasure Valley Lodge also hosts “Rifle Raffles,” which fund support Bustos during her five-year treatment plan.

The remaining money will be donated to breast cancer research to find a cure.

Meridian Police Department "Pink patch"

Idaho News 6

This story was originally reported by Frankie Catafias on KIVITV.com

Idaho officer’s bulletproof vest helps her discover breast cancer Source link Idaho officer’s bulletproof vest helps her discover breast cancer

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