I fell in love with my son

A MAN adopted at birth confessed to his wife that he had fallen in love with his own biological mother and had ‘great’ sex with her several times.

The shocking affair between Ben Ford, 32, and his mother Kim West, 51, came to light in 2016 when the couple revealed they had an incestuous relationship – 30 years after Kim gave up her son for adoption.


Kim West and her biological son declared their love for each other after they were reunited 30 years laterCredit: YouTube
Kim gave up her son for adoption shortly after he was born at just 19 years old


Kim gave up her son for adoption shortly after he was born at just 19 years oldCredit: YouTube

The mother and son, out Michigandescribed having ‘incredible and mind-blowing’ sex with each other before he was finally forced to confess his true feelings to his wife, Victoria.

On a quest to find his biological family, Ben wrote a letter to Kim before they reunited in 2014 and began their illegal relationship.

Ben then told his wife, “Every time I’ve had sex with you since I met her, I imagine it’s her I’m kissing, otherwise I can not perform.”

Victoria had already been suspected of the couple’s close bond and marked Kim ‘the mummy girlfriend’.

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But nothing could prepare her for the shocking news when she was told by her husband that he had left her for his own biological mother.

The couple was forced to go into hiding under Michigan state law, which means they could face up to 15 years in prison and be placed on a sex register for life.

Kim, who grew up in Islington London, became heavily involved in studying California at the age of 19.

She decided to give up the baby for adoption before returning to the UK, losing contact with the family.

But 30 years later, the mother and son would be reunited when Ben sent her a letter – hoping to meet his biological mother.

Neither of them knew that their first meeting a year later would throw up a disturbing affair that would tear his own family apart.

Kim says it was as if they had “known each other for years” and she began to have sexual dreams about her own son.

They both agreed to meet in a hotel and after sharing a bottle of champagne, the couple had their first illegal kiss.

Soon the couple’s love for each other developed into incessant lust and the mother and son began to have sex.

I know people will say we are disgusting … but if you are struck by a love that is so consuming … you have to fight for it

Kim Westra

Just three days after their first sexual encounter, Ben revealed the life-changing news to his wife.

She launched a “hysterical” rant when he announced that he had fallen in love with his biological mother and that they had “great” sex on several occasions.

Victoria had already been uncomfortable with Kim’s instant bond ‘and Ben and Kim had become jealous of Ben’s marriage.

Kim said: “[Victoria] was hospitable, yet I could not warm her. I felt a growing sense of competition and when Ben touched her, I felt jealous.

“I became even more aware of the fact that she thought I was spending too much time with Ben. She would always call him when we were together.

“Eventually he admitted that she made him sad about spending time with me. ‘She calls that mother girlfriend,’ he said.”

GENETIC Sexual attraction

Both Kim and Ben believe that Genetic Sexual Attraction was the reason for their bizarre feelings.

That is a term used to describe an attraction between siblings who were not raised together but met as adults.

However, the phenomenon has been described as a pseudoscience because there is very little evidence or studies to suggest that humans are sexually attracted to those who are genetically similar.

Ben, a computer coder, said: “When I met Kim, I could not think of her as my mother, but as a sexual being.

“I had seen a therapist at an adoption support group and had learned about the GSA phenomenon.

Kim, who worked as an interior designer, also said at the time: “This is not an incest, it’s GSA. We’re like peas in a pod and are meant to be together.

“I know people will say we’re disgusting, that we need to be able to control our feelings, but if you’re struck by a love that’s so consuming, you’re ready to give it your all, you have to give it your all. fight.

“It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and something that Ben and I are not ready to leave.”

The couple made headlines back in 2016 after they told the world about their incestuous relationship


The couple made headlines back in 2016 after they told the world about their incestuous relationshipCredit: New Day

The couple began a new life in Michigan, planning to get married and even have biological children if they could.

Inbreeding is thought to cause a limitation in children born to parents with a similar genetic makeup.

Conditions such as reduced fertility, facial asymmetry and deformity of limbs are all associated with inbreeding.

But the mother and son have since been forced to go into hiding after fearing they would be prosecuted over the illegal affair.

Their location is currently unknown and it is unclear if the couple is still in a relationship.

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The sun showed how a biological brother and sister fell in love after they were divorced as children.

They went into a sexual relationship and had four children, two with severe disabilities.

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