“I Feel Totally Screwed By NFL” 5 Years After Raiders Move To Las Vegas


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Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf: “I think the NFL is suing” 5 years after the Raiders moved to Las Vegas

In our interview about Howard Terminal Ballpark and the BCDC Meeting, I took the time to ask Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf what he thought about what NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said to me. at the NFL Spring League Meeting about AASEG’s efforts to bring the NFL back to Oakland.

When it was announced with the AASEG goal of the NFL’s return to Oakland, Commissioner Goodell gave a kind of quick laugh “you’re a laugh” before answering my question about Byron Allen as the future owner of the NFL, that means AASEG and an estimated $ 3 billion. economic power brought on by the project. To be honest with Roger, he didn’t keep the idea at AASEG, but he did say some good words about Allen and the possibility of a black man becoming an NFL owner in the future. coming.

Mayor Schaaf’s response to my nomination of Roger Goodell was to cheer up the words where Libby reminded me that Oakland had provided the NFL with a “prepared” field program, and “went the Raiders. ” Mayor Schaaf added, “I think the NFL has bothered me.” Like I told her, while I continue to cover my media team for the NFL because the league is the cornerstone of Zennie62Media and for a few years now, I know her opinion. In fact, she was not well taken care of.

That said, Libby has done everything the Raiders have to hold on to her, rather than Oakland. Meia made up my mind to form a team led by Robert Bobb soon after he won the Oakland Mayoral Race in 2014, and then he said his development staff economics and management Oakland is his working team. He then introduced Oakland City Administrator, and later Assistant City Administrator Claudia Cappio as the stadium manager, but he was clearly outside of his team (pun i expected) in working with the NFL. (Claudia didn’t get a favorite game made in the NFL at the right time. I knew because I asked her about it, she told me she didn’t, and I offered to do it, but he did it. Don’t take my offer.)

The idea is that Libby, unlike Elihu Harris when the Raiders returned to Oakland in 1995, did everything about it when he went on TV and that’s what speaks, or affirms a face that reveals his political goals but has nothing to do. with the accomplishment of the task of keeping the Raiders in check. Again, he did not call on the Oakland business community for help, as Elihu was the helping hand of the Oakland Coliseum Board, then led by Peerless Coffee CEO George Vukasin.

Stay calm.

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“I Feel Totally Screwed By NFL” 5 Years After Raiders Move To Las Vegas Source link “I Feel Totally Screwed By NFL” 5 Years After Raiders Move To Las Vegas

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