Husband of Wrong-Way Driver That Killed SDPD Detectives Fears Wife’s Medical Condition Caused Crash – NBC 7 San Diego

A female husband, driving on Interstate 5 in the wrong direction and crashing into San Diego Police Department detective Jamie Huntley Park and her husband Ryan Park. Kill them and herselfHe said he was very disappointed with what had happened and suspected that his wife’s illness might have played a role.

“We’re just suffering from guilt. Darrell Daniels said,” Is there anything? I’ll do everything I can to take care of her and ensure she can drive healthy and safe. Is there anything I can do to prevent it? I keep worrying. The last thing we want is to get injured. We help law enforcement. “

The tragic crash took place Friday morning in San Isidro. SDPD Chief David Nisleit said he was on a scheduled holiday when the detective was slammed head-on by Daniels’ wife near the DailyMart Road.

The Escondido district honors two San Diego police detectives who were killed in a reverse-way accident on Interstate 5 in San Ysidro. Loren Coronado of NBC7 has more.

Daniels, a former Navy officer, described his 33-year-old wife as someone who had never intentionally hurt herself or others. The Inspector General’s office has not yet officially identified Daniels’ wife.

Daniels said his 58-year-old wife went to the Balboa Navy Medical Center to get some insulin before the crash. He believes his wife’s insulin levels may have become unstable on her return home, causing her to go astray.

Daniels said he was shown a video of his wife driving against traffic before the collision.

You lose a kind of consciousness, basically you have no control over your abilities, and you get a kind of tunnel vision, it’s what you see, as if you were looking through a tube of paper towels is there. You really can’t-you don’t have peripheral vision. So when she went down the freeway and saw it perfect in that lane, I’m sure she didn’t see the car passing in the opposite direction, as you know. “Daniels explained.

Daniels, who lives in Ramona, does not know why his wife was in the San Isidro area. He says he’s working with law enforcement agencies to publish a video from a pharmacy, hoping that investigators will be able to find her insulin pods in the wreckage and provide answers.

“Anyone who lives with a diabetic is deeply afraid that insulin-dependent diabetics can lose sugar at critical moments that can hurt themselves or someone else. I know that, “said Daniels.

During the weekend, neighbors placed blue ribbons throughout the community and held a monument to honor the couple.

Daniels believes the horror came true on Friday, resulting in the death of his wife and two married detectives, who had longevity and a career before them.

Daniel has not spoken to his family, but said he would like to apologize directly to his family if allowed.

Friends, family, colleagues, and the larger community of San Diego have shown condolences and signs of support since the crash.

Huntley-Park is a well-known hockey referee and the Executive Director of USA Hockey World’s bestAccording to Secretary Nizlight, Park was rapidly advancing the ranks of the division. I got to know the park through running events The department participated.

The couple’s cousins ​​are at NBC7, they are affectionate, family friendly, I love to make fun of my friends and family..

Photo: Alerts held in memory of SDPD officers killed in wrong-way clashes

Husband of Wrong-Way Driver That Killed SDPD Detectives Fears Wife’s Medical Condition Caused Crash – NBC 7 San Diego Source link Husband of Wrong-Way Driver That Killed SDPD Detectives Fears Wife’s Medical Condition Caused Crash – NBC 7 San Diego

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