Huntington Hospital vaccination campaign for healthcare professionals is on track – Pasadena Now

Healthcare workers at Huntington Hospital are vaccinated. (Image courtesy of Huntington Hospital)

Huntington Hospital staff continued to administer the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to healthcare professionals on Friday. This is a local part of an ambitious effort to ensure the health and availability of doctors, nurses and other front-line workers throughout LA County amid a surge in viral cases. Hospitalized.

“We are excited to provide this vaccine to employees, doctors, and related healthcare providers who have served our community during this difficult time,” said Huntington Hospital. Dorey Huston, Senior Manager of Public Relations and Media.

Houston said that based on information the hospital received from the Pasadena Public Health Service and other agencies, Huntington could receive enough doses to provide “all of our companies” with the vaccine by the end of January. He said he could.

The county hopes to vaccinate 6,000 workers in hospitals by Christmas and a total of 10,000 by the end of the year.

Houston said it is important for Pasadenans to follow the COVID-19 prevention protocol, as it will take some time for the vaccine to become generally available.

“We share everyone’s excitement for vaccines, but that doesn’t change the course of the pandemic in the short term,” she said. “Vaccines will be widely available to the public in the spring of 2021.”

“But if effective vaccines are available, and if most people get them, the pandemic can shrink dramatically. This is what we usually do in our lives. It means one step closer to returning to, and that’s why we encourage everyone to get vaccinated when offered. “

327,600 doses of Pfizer vaccine have been allocated to California across the state, and Governor Gavin Newsom said another 393,900 dose from Pfizer is scheduled for next week, but expects that allocation to be less than originally planned. It has been.

The state plans to receive 672,600 Moderna vaccines by the end of the month. The state wants to receive a total of 2.16 million doses by the end of the year, Newsum said.

County Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer said last week that the county hopes to receive a second allocation (about 250,000 Moderna vaccines) early next week. However, she said Wednesday that the timing and size of the county’s next vaccine allocation has not yet been determined, probably due to uncertainties at the time regarding the federal approval process.

Many of the second dose allocations are distributed directly to skilled nursing facilities, allowing immediate management without waiting for federal distribution agreements with CVS and Walgreens to begin approximately December 28. I will.

Care facilities will continue to be vaccinated through CVS and Walgreens.

The Moderna vaccine does not require the same cryopreservation as the Pfizer vaccine.

Once the vaccine has been distributed to healthcare professionals, skilled care facilities, care staff, and residents, followed by “essential workers,” priority is given to those at highest risk of serious viral illness, such as the elderly. The ranking will change. Or someone with an underlying health condition.

Distribution to the general public continues, but the timeline for when it will occur is still cloudy.

“Given the current surge, we ask the general public to comply with health orders, especially to avoid gathering with non-family members or engaging in non-essential trips,” Huston said. Told.

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Huntington Hospital vaccination campaign for healthcare professionals is on track – Pasadena Now

Source link Huntington Hospital vaccination campaign for healthcare professionals is on track – Pasadena Now

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