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PITTSBURGH (AP) – In what quickly became a losing season for the Cincinnati Reds, this was really the ultimate misery.

Precious rookie Hunter Greene and reliever Art Warren combined to allow zero hits in a full game, but he didn’t count as one without hits, not even as a win.

Instead, the Pittsburgh Pirates managed a run at the bottom of the eighth inning with three passes and a groundout for the 1-0 victory on Sunday.

“It would be great to have a different result, but that’s what it is,” Greene said.

Ke’Bryan Hayes’ s RBI fielder helped the Pirates become the sixth team in major league history since 1901 to win despite not getting a hit. It last happened in 2008 when Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo of the Angels lost while keeping the Dodgers unbeaten.

According to Major League Baseball record-keeping rules, Cincinnati’s achievement is not an official no-hits because its pitchers have not passed at least nine innings.

“Sometimes you win games in weird ways and today we win one in a weird way. And if it’s part of history, that’s fine because it’s still a win,” Pirates coach Derek Shelton said.

And in a year when most of them went bad for the Reds, this one surely had to be the first place as they fell by 9-26, the worst record of the majors.

Greene, second recruited at Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks in 2017, was retired after Rodolfo Castro and Michael Perez went through an eighth. The 22-year-old right-hander has released 118 pitches, the highest number of any major pitcher this year.

“He had no unsuccessful things and translated,” Shelton said.

Greene fired seven heaters at 100 mph or faster, and mixed sharp sliders and effective shifts.

He was also fully aware of the possible without hits.

“To be honest, like in the third or fourth. But that’s the last thing I wanted to think about (because) it’s very hard to get locked up and not think about those things,” Greene said.

“He had the marker on his face and was trying not to make eye contact with him,” he said. “Everyone was giving me my space and they knew I was locked up.”

In the end, he admitted, he ran out of gas.

“But again, there’s the mental part of, you know,‘ I’m fine. I’m not tired, ‘he said.

Reds coach David Bell said: “Seeing this now, I think it would have been very easy for him to get back there for the ninth, but I think there was a chance he would do it.”

Warren relieved and walked Ben Gamel to load the bases. Hayes followed with a shot to second baseman Alejo Lopez, who threw the ball before throwing Matt Reynolds to shortstop for a forced. Reynolds ’relief for a possible double-entry end play was a fraction of the delay to get the fast Hayes into first base.

“Maybe in a perfect world that ball hits a little harder to make it a little easier for him,” Warren said. “I tried to do the best I could and get a ground ball there. It’s just one of those things that didn’t work out for us.”

The Cincinnati batters went down in order in the ninth and that was at PNC Park, with no celebration for the Reds despite the zero in the Pittsburgh hit column.

“I mean, to not even get a hit in a game and get a win, I’m sure that hasn’t happened much since baseball is happening,” Hayes said.

This season there were two no hits in the majors. Angels rookie Reid Detmers threw one last Tuesday against Tampa Bay, and five Mets pitchers teamed up to keep Philadelphia hit without a hit last week.

In addition, the Tampa Bay pitchers combined to keep Boston without hits in the tenth inning last month and ended up winning 3-2. Nor was it an official no-hits, because the Rays didn’t pitch a full game without hitting a hit. Greene finished with nine strikeouts and five bases per ball.

Greene (1-6) suffered an injury in 2018 that required Tommy John surgery in 2019. After the COVID-19 pandemic, he did not return to the minor leagues until 2021. He made the Reds roster for the first time. of this year’s spring training.

In his second start of the season, he set an MLB record with 39 throws at over 100 mph, but had a 7.62 ERA in Sunday’s game thanks in part to the 11 homers leading this season. He also allowed 15 tickets in 26 tickets.

“I’m not focused on winning or losing this year. That’s not my focus,” he said. “You have to accept all the thoughts and emotions at that moment and just go out and have fun. Hopefully, I will have many more opportunities for that.”

The Pirates ’starter, Jose Quintana, kept the Reds goalless for seven innings, giving him three hits at the end of five.

“Greene shot really well. That’s hard, hard for him. But we keep pushing,” Quintana said. “I’ve never seen that before, but it’s great to get the win.”

Chris Stratton (2-1) threw a two-on-one jam and an out in the eighth. David Bednar worked a clean ninth for his seventh salvation.

Hunter Greene throws 118 pitches, allows no hits, but takes loss to Bucs – Press Telegram Source link Hunter Greene throws 118 pitches, allows no hits, but takes loss to Bucs – Press Telegram

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