Hungary hands U.S. women’s water polo team a rare loss – San Bernardino Sun

By JAYCOHEN AP Sports Writer

Tokyo — Maggie Steffens and the United States have dominated women’s water polo since winning their first gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

The world is retreating at the Tokyo Olympics, and it remains to be seen how Steffens and the company will react.

The Americans have been handed their first defeat at the Olympics since 2008, when they fell to Rebezza Parquez and Hungary 10-9 in group play on Wednesday. The team beat Hungary five times this year 19-0 with a total score of 66-37.

“The game just doesn’t know who you are. The game doesn’t know where you came from,” said US goalkeeper Ashley Johnson. “So every time you need to prepare. As a US team, as a Hungarian team, you need each team to be ready to do their best, and Hungary has brought their best today. . ”

The United States was very popular for winning the gold medal in Tokyo three times in a row, but was strongly pushed by China during a tough 12-7 victory on Monday. Stephens had his nose broken by a careless elbow, and the captain wore black eyes and a small bandage during the match against Hungary.

Even if defeated, Americans remain in a good position to advance to the knockout round. The team will play against the Russian team on Friday.

“For us, we’re lucky that this is just Tournament 1,” Steffens said. “This is a bracket play, so if we want to be the last team we want to be, there’s a lot to work on and a lot to get better.”

Hungary dragged 9-8 with 2:28 left, but captain Rita Keszthely scored deep and Parks won the game when he connected to a beautiful Nooruk goal with 45 seconds left. Parks finished with the team’s best three goals.

America had the ball in the last few seconds, which turned it over.

“It was a big deal to beat the world champion, but don’t believe we are better than anyone else,” Hungarian goalkeeper Alda Magyari said through an interpreter. “We have to go through this tournament step by step.”

The 20-year-old Magali finished with 11 saves and won his first victory after Hungary drew 10-10 with Russia in the opening round of Tokyo.

“I’ve had a lot of tough matches against the US in the past, but I always thought I could win,” said Magari, who carried a lucky teddy bear on the pool deck after the win. “Today we are very happy to achieve that.”

This was the first loss of the United States in Australia since January 16, 2020. Since winning the gold medal in the 2016 game, it has fallen to 130-4.

This was the first defeat at the Olympics since the match against the Netherlands in 2008. It was a draw in London, but it was 6-0 to win the title in Rio de Janeiro.

“I wanted to finish the game, but I’m going to learn and move on,” said US coach Adam Krikorian.

Not only are there problems with the physique of China and Hungary, but the United States is also suffering from shooting. In his first victory against Japan, he shot 25 out of 40 shots, then lost 36% (33-12) to China and 29% (31-9) to Hungary.

“In the end, just like in a Chinese match, just putting the ball behind the net was a real pain,” said Clicorian. “I don’t know why. I think I’m in a hurry. I think I need to calm down a little. I’m a little worried.”

Canada defeated South Africa 21-1 after Hungary closed the victory. Gurpreet Sohi led with four goals.

Hungary hands U.S. women’s water polo team a rare loss – San Bernardino Sun Source link Hungary hands U.S. women’s water polo team a rare loss – San Bernardino Sun

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