Hundreds of desert tortoises in need of new homes

PHOENIX, Arizona – The Arizona Department of Sports and Fisheries says they have about 260 Sonoran wild turtles looking for permanent homes.

“That’s a lot, it’s the biggest part we’ve had at one time,” said Tegan Wolf, AZGFD’s wild turtle management program manager.

According to Wolf, turtles are many years old and many, and they are many because they were born legal. Captive turtles can grow up to 14 inches long and live 80 to 100 years.

“They’re very nice people, they have a personality, and they want to get along with,” Wolf said.

Arizona people need to want to include the The Turtle Capture Program page on the Department’s website, which shows how to manage wild turtles, including Instructions for building a pit were also included.

The holes help protect the turtle from future dangers, such as falling into a fire pit, an unstable lake or dogs.

The shelter needs to be in the right amount of shelter for the turtle to escape the scorching heat of the Arizona summer and where it can be harmed – a time when it’s as unpredictable as hibernation in the winter.

Once the second is complete, users can submit an online request here.

“In total, seven people here keep about three hundred turtles, so that’s a lot for seven people, so it’s very important that these men have permanent homes,” he said. Wolf.

AZGFD allows one tattoo to be taken per person, per family, but a new female tattoo can be taken if kept in a very separate container, because it can these creeping things land.

Federal law prohibits the taking of wild turtles on state lines.

This story was previously published by KNXV in PhoenixArizona.

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Hundreds of desert tortoises in need of new homes Source link Hundreds of desert tortoises in need of new homes

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