Hundreds march for right of animals to live with ‘decency and kindness’

Hundreds of animal rights protesters marched in San Francisco on Saturday afternoon, demanding the end of farming at the factory, arguing: Animals don’t want to die! “

“We believe in a world where all animals and all humans are treated with dignity and kindness,” Wayne Hsiung, founder of the animal rights group Direct Action Everywhere, told the crowd at Dolores Park. ..

Protest aimed at raising Awareness of animal rights, Recruit more people to participate in the effort and promote an animal rights bill of rights called Rose’s Law. court.

The march was part of the week Animal Liberation Conference, Which one It opens in Richmond on Friday and continues workshops, lectures and training at Oakland’s California Ballroom. The conference aims to encourage people to take action in the factory livestock industry.

“Everything remains the same, or you can leave the comfort zone and do everything you can to change it,” Rose’s Law rescues a chicken named from a poultry farm in 2018. Said 19-year-old Zoe Rosenberg. “The choice is up to you, but I hope all of us will come together and fight until all the animals are safe, happy and free.”

Oakland Councilor Carol Fife will address the Animal Liberation Conference at Oakland’s California Ballroom. (Roller Proctor)

A motorcycle group called Cage Free Vegan led a one-and-a-half mile march that began with a “die-in” at Dolores Park. Other than Whole Foods And it ended at San Francisco City Hall. As the marchers filled the streets, the car rang with either support or frustration.

“I wanted to be with people who were also interested in veganism for some reason, for health, for the planet, for animals,” said Hannah Riddle, who attended her first demonstration. rice field. She said she wanted the march to spur people to talk about animal rights.

Prior to the march, Chelsea Manning delivered the keynote remotely on a live stream at the California Ballroom. Manning, who served seven years in prison for 35 years for leaking confidential information about the U.S. military, was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and was unable to appear directly. Auckland City Council member Carol Fife also spoke to the audience in the ballroom. Both generally talked about their experience as activists.

Manning said her anti-secretist activity began when she realized she couldn’t fill the truth. “I have to do something,” she thought. “I can’t be a bystander.”

Fife said her activities focus on clean air, clean water, and fair and affordable housing. She said that all living things “should live and prosper and have the right to be exactly the same as they were created.”

Hundreds march for right of animals to live with ‘decency and kindness’ Source link Hundreds march for right of animals to live with ‘decency and kindness’

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