Hundreds kick off Thanksgiving with a nice trot at Solano College – Times-Herald

The Solano Turkey Trot, no longer bound by pandemic restrictions, is back in action at the Thanksgiving live event.

The 10K and 5K races presented by Medic Ambulance and Fleet Feet Vacaville featured decorative costumes, music, and lots of runners. Expecting 1,000 runners, Carol Gilpin, race director and owner of Vacaville Fleet Feet, prepared about 1,700 participants to burn calories before a big meal later in the day.

“Everyone wants to be part of the direct excitement,” Gilpin said. “It’s really great just to be outdoors again for some people. Looking around, we see that many families are very excited to meet again and continue the tradition.”

Gilpin contacted Solano County in August to seek approval for the face-to-face race. She finally got permission two weeks ago and started a non-stop job in a hurry to make the event a reality.

Sunnyvale’s Anne-Marie Cody took advantage of her return to face-to-face competition to break her personal record, the fastest in the world to run a 10K marathon on a triplet, finishing at a mark of 45 minutes 39 seconds. This is 91 seconds better than the previous record.

“For us the course is flat and straight, with no hills, so I like the course,” Cody said. “It was also nice to have a lot of people cheering for me because the course goes in and out in the same way. That made a big difference in my time.”

Christian Novelas smiles as he crosses the finish line with Vacaville’s mother Edna at the Solano Turkey Trot on Thursday in Fairfield. (Chris Riley / Times-Herald)

The best group costumes went to the team “Turkey 6 Pack” led by Nikki Parker Simmons and Tracy Alen, who hosted teammates visiting from Florida.

“The course itself was very beautiful,” Allen said. “A lot of my best friends came to town and I wanted to make this fun and memorable and act crazy.”

This group has dressed up for many past runs, including St. Patrick’s Day in Florida.

Lyra Troche-Jones of Vacaville has won the best outfit in the category under the age of 18. Excited by the applause for her victory, Troche Jones quickly returned to them.

Brittany Lucas of Fairfield has raced for 10 years and was once again delighted to see all the friendly faces of Thanksgiving.

“I love the ability to feel the energy of everyone here and I love watching all the kids dress up,” Lucas said. “About 10 years ago, my mother wanted to start running with something like this. Well, we couldn’t get her to surpass us, so we’ve been there ever since. I’ve been here for a long time. It’s a great way to have a fun kick start and get in shape. “

Lucas’ boyfriend Calvin Peoples ran the race for the first time.

“I enjoyed it, it’s fun, and it’s a great opportunity to get out and relax with my girl,” said Peoples.

There is no age limit for fun, and young people at 5K and 10K events received medals respectively.

Harper Reno, 7, was a little shy after the race, but said it was fun and “pretty cool” to run with her sister Erie, who was more vocal about her enthusiasm. I admitted.

“I loved all the balloons and loved winning medals,” said five-year-old Erie. “This was my first time and I was able to run with my mom.”

Five-year-old Victoria Messiah had already planned a medal.

“I’m going to put the medal right next to the bed,” said Media. “I enjoyed this. I especially like running with mom and dad.”

It was this enthusiasm that Gilpin enjoyed the most.

“This is what I missed most — all the positive energies,” Gilpin said.

The results of the event have not been posted on the official website at the time of the press.

Hundreds kick off Thanksgiving with a nice trot at Solano College – Times-Herald Source link Hundreds kick off Thanksgiving with a nice trot at Solano College – Times-Herald

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