How to properly care for the car in winter: the main aspects

Auto experts voiced the most important tips for car care in winter, which will not only help to save money on repair and maintenance of the car, but also, possibly, save someone’s life, writes “Car Fix Book”.

Glass defroster

 If on a frosty morning you find your car under cover of ice, you can immediately tune in to the fact that you will arrive at work half an hour later. This is exactly how much it will take the process of heating and simultaneously ripping off the ice with a scraper from the windshield. And if you have a spray with a defrosting liquid on hand, you can cope in a matter of minutes. Ice will be removed quickly and easily.

 How to use: Spray on the ice crust, wait a few minutes and remove the softened ice with a scraper.

 Quick start

 This spray activates the start of the engine. Suitable for both gasoline and diesel engines. “Quick start” – a very useful thing for severe frosts – contains flammable ether, which helps the engine to work. Manufacturers claim that the aerosol is effective even at temperatures of minus 55 degrees Celsius, but experts are sure: when the mercury column drops below 30°, no ether will help.

 How to use: The agent must be sprayed into the engine air intake. Be as careful as possible with this little thing – it is very flammable!

 Contact cleaner

 This thing is useful primarily to the owners of the masterpieces of our car industry, although those who have seen foreign cars in their lifetime will also be glad to see it. The tool not only cleans the contacts, but also forms a protective film on them. With it, the insulation will not crack and, as a result, the wires will not begin to oxidize and rot. This means that the headlights and other lighting devices will work properly.

 How to use: Treat the wire contacts with the agent.

 Silicone spray

 In the cold season, door hinges begin to creak for many car owners. This happens due to temperature changes, frequent washes. You can get rid of the unpleasant sound with one movement of your hand – just by spraying silicone on the hinges. Also, the tool can insure you against an unpleasant situation when the doors do not open or close (the reason is frozen seals).

 How to use: Don’t wait for these problems to arise – deal with the weak points of your car beforehand.

 Tire shine

 This tool is useful to process rubber during the off-season and in winter. It, firstly, seals microcracks of tires, and secondly, protects them from reagents, precipitation and even, as the sellers say, ultraviolet radiation! The service life of expensive rubber today is being extended. And with this tool it is good to process plastic and rubber body parts – bumper, moldings and seals.

 How to use: Spray on a dry surface and let dry. It is more convenient to treat tires with the agent before seasonal tire changes.

Rain repellent

 In winter, this agent prevents dirt and road salt from settling on the windows, and also fights frost. For the headlight restoration you can also use a special kits for improving the visibility of headlights on used cars, usually after 5 years of driving or more.

 How to use: Treat the side mirrors, headlights and, of course, glass with the compound.

  What Do Experts Also Talk About Car Care in Winter?

Many car owners are afraid to “spray” their car, and, as it turned out, for good reason. “Quick Start” aids can negatively affect engine performance – no quick starts will be required with normal vehicle maintenance. It is better to handle contacts and door hinges in a car dealership – they will do it professionally, besides, you will not have to buy a whole bottle, because you will use the product a maximum of twice a year. Experts speak positively about Rain repellents and Tire restorers: they are useful and really needed. Even inexpensive ones will not cause harm, but well-known brands will still be more effective.

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