How to maximize the results of wearable health devices

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New research in journalism Management Science found that people can achieve long-term health goals and establish positive habits while combining wearable fitness devices like Fitbits with economic empowerment.

“Economic aid alone is an exciting way to improve health character, but the motivations do not last forever, either health benefits. When the motivations stop, so do the people trying to achieve their goals, ”said Idris Adjerid from Virginia Tech.

“We focus on encouraging ‘loss’ that provides economic rewards to achieve the goal and judgment for failing to achieve the goal, all while using the wearable medical device.”

The study, “Increased Strength and Physical Activity: The Role of Choices and Health Tools,” conducted by Adjerid with George Loewenstein of Carnegie Mellon University and Rachael Purta and Aaron Striegel of the University of Notre Dame, looked at people wearing and Fitbits. and how their health status has changed. They found that over-the-counter items could lead to overheating physical activitybut they are limited by selection.

Loewenstein, a professor of sociology and decision-making at the College of Dietrich of Humanities and Social Sciences at CMU said: loss. “

“The ones who benefit the most from these incentives are the people who don’t want to get involved[il]y. When people are put into it, we get a significant increase and progress in physical activity. These people recorded an additional 2,000 steps per day during the reinforcement period, and the benefits lasted for six months after the reinforcements were completed. “

The researchers said that the progress made in this group was caused by people who also used the tool to set goals for the device.

“Our results suggest an interesting way to encourage sustainable change within health condition. Intriguing schemes must be used that alienate people from their own comfort zone in the short term, but also through the use of exercise equipment built into the health equipment that help people develop healthy behaviors after strengthen the economy the latter, ”said Adjerid.

Study: Cents are meaningful for physical activity

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Idris Adjerid et al, Promoting Loss and Physical Activity: Choices and Health Tools, Management Science (2021). DOI: 10.1287 / mnsc.2021.4004

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How to maximize the results of wearable health devices Source link How to maximize the results of wearable health devices

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