How to have the most productive day of your life

Methat is First full working week of 2023. He has two New Year’s resolutions. The first is turning yourself into a humming his machine of productivity. No more procrastination or afternoon naps. Second, maximize your own well-being. A few days later, your daily diary witnesses a changed person who is a model of self-care efficiency.

07:00: Go to the gym. Leave the phone at home. Mens sana in corpore sano.

08:00: Tell the au pair to wake the children up and get them out of the way.

08:15: Simply listen to whale calls on Spotify. shower. dress.

8:30: Eat something with chia seeds.

08:40: Remove chia seeds from teeth.

08:58: Enter home office. A great feeling of wellness. It doesn’t make you feel better.

09:00: I turn off airplane mode on my phone and wake up my laptop. Phone calls go crazy: missed calls, Slack messages, texts. Exactly where it went wrong in 2022 bad times. Use a new batching technique. Reply to the five oldest emails and ignore all others. Turn notifications off again.

09:30: Make a list of tasks that need to be completed today. Color code these tasks according to their priority. Chunk each high priority task into a separate segment. Combine time boxing with the Pomodoro technique and put it on your calendar for the day.

10:30: Today’s calendar completed. Very full a few hours ago. Get up and take a walk around the block to avoid musculoskeletal problems. To keep your eyes healthy, stop occasionally and look 20 yards ahead. I meet my friends on the street.

11:30: Back at desk. Find a “Study with Me” video of someone else working at their desk to get you motivated for the day. A very effective technique. Just select the appropriate recording. There may be some windows where the rain hits. Or a sleeping cat. Or log on to fire.

12:00: A recording of “Study With Me” is playing. I went with my cat. The day is now slightly off track. Start her first 25-minute Pomodoro session.

12:25: Great session. Get up. stretch.

12:30: Second Pomodoro session begins. Lasers are less focused than mine.

12:40: Very boring. I tried to access Wordle, but I have a blocker installed on my laptop which prevents me from using the site until 18:00. The only way around this is to change the time on your computer. I don’t know how to do this, but it shouldn’t be too difficult.

13:30: Quite difficult. But Wordle is done (in 4 tries!). Your computer’s clock is completely wrong. It says 2024. It should be undone.

14:00: No time for second email batch session. Lunch and Wellbeing time starts an hour late. Make an open sandwich with rye bread, salmon and dill. Using stacked habit advice, he does two mindfulness exercises at once. Self-manage her head massage while listening to the grasshopper noise soundtrack.

15:00: Activate hermit mode. Ditch the Pomodoro Technique: He needs at least two hours to finish before the final email batch session. Use the Timer tab to set your browser’s countdown clock.

15:30: Not much progress. Feeling a little worthless. Open the Compliments folder in your email inbox and recall the compliments you’ve received from co-workers in the past.

15:45: I’m starting to panic a little. Use “Write or Die” as a last resort. This is an old program that starts deleting work if you don’t hit your word count goal. Helps get something on the page.

16:15: FFSA child walks in with something hairy (mouse? someone else’s hair?) stuck to his hand. By the time I kicked her out, “Write or Die” had erased most of what I had accomplished.

17:00: I used the Children’s Stencil Set to create a very professional poster that says ‘Don’t Enter, I’m Working’. Stick it on the door here. I’m glad I did this. I need distraction, so I attend a laughter therapy session advertised by my company.

17:30: Couldn’t get sound to work for some reason.Everyone seemed completely mad about laughter therapy. Issue logged That.

17:45: The third (and therefore second) email batch processing session begins. Notifications turned back on and email opened. Torrent of messages. I got 4 calls from my boss. I don’t know what’s going on, but everyone seems upset that I’ve been consciously prioritizing work.

18:00: Ring Boss. I have to do something for a new client by 9am tomorrow morning. I feel much better. I wish people would just give me urgent deadlines every day. How to have the most productive day of your life

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